Gran, 82, who revealed his wild sex life with 36-year-old Egyptian toyboy, celebrates as he gets permission to move to UK


A PENSIONER who married a little Egyptian boy 46 years her junior shared her joy at being reunited with her.

Iris Mohamady, 82 – who said she felt like a ‘virgin again’ and had ‘a saddleache’ after the couple first got dirty two years ago – is delighted that they are together again after Mohamed moved to Britain.


Iris’ husband Mohamed is 46 years youngerCredit: Refer to caption
She met her future husband on Facebook in 2019


She met her future husband on Facebook in 2019Credit: Iris Jones / Facebook

She had to wait a year for Mohamed, 36, to get a visa in the UK – when they could only communicate by phone or Facebook chat.

Iris was even afraid of “falling dead” before they had a chance to meet again.

But OAP was thrilled when it landed in London on November 19 – and gave it a very British welcome.

She greeted him with a cup of tea to toast him while passing an English exam and finally being reunited.

The retired caregiver, from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, said Sunday mirror: “We haven’t celebrated – we’re just together and that’s enough celebration.

“We just had a cup of tea together. Mohamed is happy but he can’t say much at the moment. He is one of those reserved Egyptians.”

Iris, who first met her future husband on an atheist Facebook group, found the good news while doing her weekly groceries at the supermarket.

“There was a lot of screaming and screaming of joy. I cried to Tesco as I sorted my fruit and veg,” she said.

“My tears were falling on the apples. It was amazing.”

The mother of two, Iris, had previously lifted the veil on her “passionate” sex life with Mohamed, revealing that she had “a saddle pain” after the duo hit the sack for the first time.

She also left This Morning hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby blushing as she recounted how “it was quite difficult” and they used “a whole tube of KY Jelly”.

“The point is, I couldn’t walk the next day,” Iris added.

“I felt like I rode a horse. It wasn’t even a saddle pain. Either way, we got over it.”


Earlier this year, Iris described how her lover has to be “careful” with her “very thin skin” because “having sex can be painful”.

She added: “I could end up at A&E with skin tears, but we fixed that problem because we sometimes do it doggy style.”

Her new bedroom adventure left Iris feeling “a virgin again”.

“My ex-husband said I was frigid when we got divorced 40 years ago, but now I know I’m definitely not,” she said.

Iris and Mohamed started chatting in the summer of 2019 and met in person the following November.

They were then married in Cairo a year later – and they are now reportedly living in Iris’ £ 200,000 twin bungalow with his £ 200 a week pension until engineer Mohamed finds work.

The couple married in 2020 but waited a year to get Mohamed's UK visa


The couple married in 2020 but waited a year to get Mohamed’s UK visaCredit: Refer to caption
This Morning OAP, 81, says sex with a toyboy “tears her skin apart” so they do it doggy style, otherwise she can be left in A&E

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