Gwyneth Paltrow mistook this skincare trend for a sex position

Girls talk! Gwyneth Paltrow admitted to Hailey Bieber that she was confused by the new viral “glazed donut” skincare trend – mistaking it for an NSFW act done in the boudoir.

“The glazed donut looked sexual. Does that mean someone wants to lick your face? Paltrow, 49, asked Bieber, 25, during the Wednesday, July 27, episode of the Who’s in my bathroom? series. The California native’s question came after the model introduced her to Rhode’s Peptide Glazing Fluid, a new product in her skincare line.

While the Shakespeare in love The actress has experience in the world of skincare with her own company Goop, she was always skeptical of the fun-sounding new trend. Bieber, for his part, took the opportunity to playfully tease Paltrow about the confusion.

“You’re like, ‘What’s this new position everyone’s getting into, the glazed donut?'” the Rhode Skincare founder joked, before adding that it was just “glazing the skin” and give the face a rosy glow.

“I don’t want to go to bed at night unless I look like a freshly glazed donut,” she added, noting that she “didn’t come up with the concept” herself.

The hilarious conversation between the women wasn’t the only NSFW moment shared in the YouTube clip. Earlier in the video, the Sliding doors the star couldn’t help but crack a joke about the drop the mic the host’s father Stephen Baldwin after the two made a movie together years before.

“I think I know your dad and your uncles,” the Oscar-winning actress told the model. “I made a movie with your dad, actually. It was a small independent film. I think I was around 20, so that was a very long time ago. But he was great. He was so nice. It was awesome.”

When Bieber revealed she was glad Paltrow didn’t have a “horror story” about working with her dad, the Iron Man star came up with something that would have been even more awkward.

“[What] if I had, like, fucked your dad in the bathroom? the Joy alum asked before Bieber replied that it wouldn’t be the first time.

“I don’t know if he even knows that I know that,” she laughed. “But it happened to me.”

Paltrow quickly clarified that she was joking about getting intimate with the Born July 4 actor, 56 years old. “I didn’t, I didn’t,” she explained. Bieber replied, “Well, that’s good to know!”

The Emma the actress also starred alongside Bieber’s uncle Alec Baldwin in several films, including those of 2001 The Royal Tenenbaums and 2006 Run with scissors. (While the 30 Rock alum, 64, never appeared on screen in the former film, his narration can be heard throughout the comedy.)

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