Hastings sex offender jailed for 15 years after making boys’ lives a ‘living hell’

The sex offender appeared via video link from Hawke’s Bay Regional Jail. Photo/NZME

A sex offender has been jailed for 15 years after turning the lives of two boys into what one called a “living hell”.

Judge Russell Collins, who sentenced the man in Napier District Court on Wednesday, said the abuse was “gross and serious”.

The man had used amyl nitrate to disable his victims and abuse them.

He decided that the man would not be eligible for parole for seven and a half years.

The victims, now adults, were moved when they appeared in court to provide victim impact statements.

The older victim told the court of flashbacks, nightmares and lingering anxiety that kept him from eating in restaurants.

“I feel judged for being a victim of sexual abuse and I don’t know who knows, so it makes me anxious.”

He said that at one point the man showed him a gun in a closet and “I fully believed he would use it”.

The young victim was too emotional to read her statement which was read out in court by a supporter.

The charges, some of which are representative, spanned 10 years.

“I don’t forgive him for what he did with my life and I hope never to see him again,” said the young victim.

The man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, appeared to be sentenced on 16 counts: nine for sexual assault, four for sexual behavior with a child and three for bewilderment.

The court heard that the man would incapacitate his victims with amyl nitrate.

Judge Collins acknowledged the strength of character it took for the victims to make their statements.

“I admire their courage and in every way they come across as extremely fine young men,” Judge said.

The man, who appeared via video link from Hawke’s Bay Regional Jail, was found guilty by jury trial last year.

Collins said the man continued to deny his offence, which was his right, but he said “every juror was sure he [the victims] were telling the truth”.

He said it was a sustained offense involving multiple acts of sexual violence, with planned premeditation, threats of violence and high degree breach of trust.

The victims, he said, were extremely vulnerable and suffered severe harm.

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