Helene Boudreau responds to OnlyFans revoking ban on sexual content



A week after the announcement that OnlyFans would ban “sexually explicit” content, the popular content-sharing platform reversed its decision, taking its vast community of adult content creators on an emotional roller coaster. One of these creators was Quebecker Hélène Boudreau, known for her famous revealing photo of UQAM graduates.

Last week, Boudreau told MTL Blog that she was in a “very stressful situation” since her main source of income is OnlyFans. She also said she had not made an offer for a converted church she was considering buying in case she was out of a job in a few months.

So what does Boudreau think of OnlyFans and the current state of the sex work industry?

While Boudreau no longer has to worry about losing 95% of her monthly income, she said Narcity Quebec that sex workers have a persistent feeling of being “used” by OnlyFans.

“I was very shocked that they banned porn because that’s what made them famous and rich. They made a lot of money with us and now they are saying to us, ‘Bye, we did you don’t need you anymore, ”Boudreau said.

“After three days they say ‘No, we want you, come on.’ We feel really used, we have the impression that they are laughing at us, it is completely ridiculous because it is our job. […] It is not done. We have the impression of being manipulated and then we want to go elsewhere. “

Boudreau said she believes OnlyFans has put the planned changes on hold after seeing how many sex workers have talked about leaving the platform or creating their own platforms. She said OnlyFans probably saw how much money they would lose with the creators closing their accounts because of the news.

“It’s like Lay’s announcing that they don’t sell crisps anymore and everyone is saying, ‘Come on, what are you going to sell us?” Lay’s announces that they are just selling us the bag empty. let’s buy Lay’s because we want the chips and not the bag, ”Boudreau said.

She said she learned that platforms cannot be trusted – OnlyFans or whatever. That’s why, she said, she has Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and more “as backups because you never know if OnlyFans is going to shut down overnight.”

“It’s hard enough to be in sex work. We are criticized, ridiculed, judged and our own platform kicks us out. It is sometimes very hard on morale,” Boudreau said.

“Even if OnlyFans bans us, even if we lose our Instagram or our Facebook, porn and sex are still going to exist. I don’t see why all platforms are fighting to erase us. […] The world is buying our content, so we’re not to blame. It’s supply and demand. “

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