‘High libido’ rapist sentenced to 10 years in prison


A Hunter-based drug dealer with a high sex drive who raped his victim after feeding her a drug-laced cheeseburger has been jailed for 10 years and six months.

Newcastle District Court Judge Roy Ellis said on Friday that Douglas Dixon, 32, a father of 11 with six wives, had such a sexual appetite as when he was in a recurring relationship with a girlfriend at the time. of the rape, three of her other lovers gave birth within six months.

Judge Ellis wished Dixon, who had been abusing drugs since the age of 12, well after saying he seemed to have turned his life around from being in jail following his arrest, that he was now drug-free and that he had some insight into his offence.

Judge said Dixon intended to work as a plumber on his release, but joked he was unsure even a plumber’s salary would be able to support his 11 children if they all decided to go to college.

Douglas, who had his then-girlfriend help him rape the victim, pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated corporate sexual assault causing actual bodily harm.

He told the court he was taking anonymous narcotics classes in prison and hoped to be a role model for his children upon his release and show them “the right thing to do and not let them down”.

Speaking directly to the victim watching the proceedings from a distant location, Dixon said: ‘I can’t quite say how sorry I am. I’m ashamed of it. I really hope you are well.

Dixon’s former girlfriend, 23, who cannot be named, was granted parole last September for time served after spending nine-and-a-half months in custody.

Describing herself as a putrid junkie, the girlfriend had moved in with Dixon when she was just 14 after leaving home and claimed to have been subjected to more than seven years of prolonged domestic abuse.

But Judge Ellis noted on Friday that the domestic abuse allegations against Dixon were not incorporated by the Crown into the statement of facts and that he did not consider them in sentencing.

Dixon had dragged his victim, 28, out of her home around 8 p.m. on April 13, 2020. She had failed to pay a $750 drug debt pending payment from Centrelink.

When they arrived at Dixon’s Telarah unit, his girlfriend was inside with their three children.

The victim said that at some point during the night he was given a cheeseburger that tasted funny. When she started eating the burger, Dixon’s girlfriend laughed.

The victim became drowsy before passing out in the living room. When she woke up, Dixon punched her repeatedly in the head and ribs and hit her with a baseball bat.

Dixon then threw the woman onto a bed and proceeded to rape her as his girlfriend lay naked next to them after being told to strip by Dixon. At one point, the woman held the victim’s arms and said, “Let him be.” He does it to me every day.

After Dixon and his girlfriend left the apartment with the three children, the victim woke up the next morning to find she couldn’t open the bedroom door because it had been locked from the outside.

She managed to open a window and call the neighbors for help who called the police.

His sentence includes a six-year period without parole.

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