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UW-Eau Claire is known for its inclusiveness for LGBTQ members. Chancellors Hall, Haymarket Landing, Aspenson Mogensen, the suites and the rainbow floor of Towers Residence Hall have gender inclusive housing.

UW-Eau Claire says it is engaged in pursuit of an inclusive and welcoming environment for its students. Incorporating safe spaces around campus allows students to have a place to go and not feel judged.

“To have a home base where people understand your experiences and can let their guard down,” said Quincy Chapman, director of housing and residence living.

This means that a student can share a unit / space regardless of the student’s gender, gender expression or identity, or sexual orientation. To do this, students must establish a group of roommates who can fill all the available spaces in the designated unit. Safe spaces give pupils the necessary means to be able to express themselves openly.

When registering to become a member of the Rainbow Floor community, students must commit to maintaining an inclusive and welcoming living environment, respecting the floor and its guests, understanding that living on said floor does not indicate not a specific gender, sex or sexuality. gender orientation or identity, eager to learn about the experiences of others and lastly to be aware and responsible for your language.

This gives many students a chance to express themselves freely and to feel included on campus.

“It’s great to see inclusiveness on our campus and for students to have the opportunity to feel safe and supported in their living environment,” said Chloe Sundeen, third year science and disorders student. Communication.

Anxiety may be a reason a student develops avoidance behavior due to fear of isolation or unprecedented judgment. Safe spaces allow students to break away from these feelings and, most importantly, offer marginalized groups and members of the LBGTQ community the opportunity to express themselves freely.

Safe Spaces are not overcorrection, but rather an environment where students can speak openly without retaliation and engage in new ideas. This does not mean that students should be shielded from arguments or from the “real world”. This is to ensure that students who do not identify as the majority in their school a place where their ideas can be expressed freely.

“It is a big statement to have multiple inclusive housing zones on campus and I am proud that UW-Eau Claire is making it known that this is a university for all,” said Conner Boehm, third year student of biochemistry.

For more information on LGBTQ Floors and Apartments, student housing is available to answer questions and direct students to the right resources.

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