How many episodes will there be in the Netflix series Sex/Life season 2?

sex/life Season 2 is currently filming in Canada and fans are eagerly awaiting any updates on when the new episodes might finally hit Netflix. Unfortunately, we still have some time left, as the series isn’t expected to return until late summer or fall at the earliest.

Filming is expected to continue until at least May 2022, and post-production usually takes a few months, meaning the show won’t be ready to stream on Netflix until August or September. And even if he East done by then, it doesn’t tell us when Netflix will decide to put it on the schedule.

However, we recently discovered some interesting news about the upcoming season and its potential length.

Sex/Life Season 2 Episode Count Could Be Shorter

According to the current production news of the Toronto business official website, sex/life season 2 might actually be shorter than the first season. The series is listed as filming six episodes rather than eight episodes.

Losing two full episodes would be a pretty big change, though not unheard of, especially for a Netflix show. There’s no need to panic or anything as this could have been a decision made specifically by the writers and showrunner. If only season 2 story Needs six episodes from start to finish, so there’s no need to drag the story out for two more installments.

It’s also possible that the episodes will be longer this time around, completing all six new installments without needing all eight, or maybe the “6” was just a typo or mistake on this site. website.

Many different factors could explain why the episode count might be shorter this time around. sex/life was very successful in its first season on Netflix, so fans don’t have to worry about its cancellation just yet. Let’s wait and see how the second season plays out when it drops! Although the show East a little shorter this time around, that just means it’ll be easier to review, right?

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