How To Do The Spork Sex Position

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We all know that the spoon often leads to the fork.

But why not meet in the middle, get some ingenuity, and try the spork?

The sex position of the spork, as the name suggests, is a spoon with a bit of a twist.

It’s a move that’s all about deep penetration, but it’s a little less energetic than your usual doggy style go-tos or the like – great for a slow Sunday morning, we think.

The side entry style also allows your or your partner’s hands to wander around and provide other forms of stimulation.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Here’s how to do it.

The receiving person is lying on their back, while the entering person positions their body at a 90 degree angle, between their partner’s legs.

Essentially, imagine that from above you and your partner would form a right angle, with the penetrating partner starting in a typical spooning position and the receiver lying perpendicular with their back flat on the bed.

You can mix things up from here, depending on the flexibility and what you find comfortable.

The penetrating partner could lift their torso, grab onto their partner’s leg for stability, or use their hands to provide clitoral stimulation.

Or, the recipient can try out different leg positions – both on their partner with their knees bent, one up and one down, however you like.

You can also change direction if you prefer a rear entry position, so that you are looking at the foot of the bed or the pillows.

There are no rules when it comes to sports, so give it a try and play your way.

When you’re ready, you might be able to slouch.

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