How to stop your kids from ruining your sex life

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Many couples find it difficult to maintain their sex life, but when do you have children? It can be even more difficult. There are all kinds of things that make it difficult for parents, from exhaustion to a lack of personal space. But according to Coffee Mom, even when alone time seems impossible, these marriage tips and life coach Shellie R Warren can help keep your sex life alive.

Keep the room sacred – Your bedroom is the only room in your home set aside for you and your partner, so treating it as if it’s sacred will help create it as a place of rest and intimacy.

Get a new mattress topper and some WD-40 – To keep kids from hearing you during sexy times, try moving the bed away from the wall so it doesn’t bang when you do, use WD-40 to quiet the squeaks if you have a wooden bed frame. metal and try a new mattress topper to reduce some of the impact that causes the bed to squeak.

Plan intimate moments – Warren is a firm believer that sex should be prioritized because it helps connect in a way that nothing else can. So to make sure that happens, set aside time each week – either before the kids wake up or after they go to bed – to have sex.

Have more quickies – They’re underrated and can be the perfect way to enjoy some fun and reduce stress when you don’t have the time or energy for an epic “sex flick”.

Invest in a babysitter – Schedule a permanent appointment with your babysitter so you can have regular date nights or afternoons or whatever best suits your schedule. You can also do a “babysitter swap” with your friends who have kids so you can swap watching each other’s kids and both have some free time without having to pay anyone.

Turn some of these dates into sex dates – When you have that babysitter, get a hotel room for the night or when the kids are at the grandparents, make the most of that empty house and arrange a sex date.

Don’t be afraid to lock the door – You probably don’t want to keep the bedroom door locked when your kids are toddlers, but once they’re old enough for grade school, you can lock your door long enough to get frisky. That way, you don’t have to worry about anyone walking in and catching you in the act.

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