How your libido changes with age


Here’s a timeline of your libido over the years.

Men in their twenties

For men in their twenties, their libido is at an all-time high due to excess testosterone.

It’s at the highest it’ll ever be, but lack of experience, anxiety about their bodies, and relationship with the opposite sex could hamper that unbridled libido and lead to conditions like erectile dysfunction.

women in their twenties

Women in their twenties are more picky about who they have sex with, even if they are at their most fertile stage.

Men in their thirties and forties

A man’s libido decreases by 1% each year until age 35, when it dips deeper, the responsibilities of work, children and life can cause stronger sexual drives.

Women in their thirties and forties

Now that they are in their prime to raise their children, women in their thirties are more experienced and confident about what they want from sex.

However, pregnancy, childcare, and responsibilities as a wife and mother might prevent them from exploring this stage.

Men aged 50 and over

Erections are not as frequent or firm although sexual urges are still there, different health issues can affect sexual prowess so to speak.

Women aged 50 and over

For women over 50, menopause causes vaginal dryness, anxiety and hot flashes and leads to a drop in sex drive.

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