“I caught a neighbor throwing dog poo on my road, so I posted him”

A woman has devised a plan to get revenge on a local resident.

Sasha Poldmaa from New Zealand scratched her head when she noticed dog poo strewn outside her house for three days.

So she studied her security camera footage to find out which neighbor was throwing feces in her driveway.

She was sure the feces couldn’t have come from her dogs as they were locked in the kennels during the day when she was at work.

“My dogs don’t walk, they’re not strays,” Sasha said in a now-viral TikTok video where she kicks off CCTV.

“So I set up my iPad to film what happens during the day.”

Sasha Poldmaa said she found dog poop in her driveway for three consecutive days

“This old lady next door comes with shit in her shovel and she throws it in my driveway.

“I don’t even walk [the dogs] in front of her house I go the other way and I use doggy bags, there are other dogs at the neighbor’s house.”

The woman came up with a plan which she “reciprocated” with a letter of complaint.

Sasha mentioned that she reported to the local police because of the neighbor’s “repeated and deliberate acts of bitterness”.

She also expressed concern for the safety of her dogs.

She caught an old woman pushing dog poo down her driveway
She caught an old woman pushing dog poo down her driveway

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“I took the opportunity to bring the feces back to your property using my own dog poo bags that you would see me walking in IF I ever walked your direction down the street,” she added in the letter. .

With the letter, Sasha cut a few bags of dog poo which she picked up in her driveway.

“I’m going to drop them in his mailbox,” she said.

“I can’t believe I just did this, it’s not me but I’m so offended.”

Sasha sent a complaint letter and a few bags of dog poo to her neighbor's mailbox
Sasha sent a complaint letter and a few bags of dog poo to her neighbor’s mailbox

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The next morning, the retiree living across the street knocked on her door and admitted her act of revenge.

She apologized to Sasha and explained that she had a neighbor who did the same thing before.

The resident added: “Well the laugh is on me so let’s face it.”

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