I have a higher libido than my wife and I pleasure myself next to her in bed


DEAR DEIDRE: APPEARENTLY I have an “unusually high libido” and my wife doesn’t want to keep up, so I started pleasuring myself while she’s lying next to me in her bed.

We make love once a week but she doesn’t want more privacy than that.


I pleasure myself next to my wife in bed because she doesn’t want sex every day

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We have been married for 25 years. I’m 53 and she’s 52.

We recently went on vacation.

My libido always skyrockets when we’re in a hot place and I don’t have the pressure of work.

Unfortunately, my wife’s libido remains the same.

I found it frustrating, but now we’ve entered a pattern; whenever she’s not in the mood, I masturbate lying next to her while she watches TV or even reads a book.

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She doesn’t seem to care and I have to say I find it very exciting.

Is it correct?

DEIDRE SAYS: If you’re both happy with this arrangement, there’s absolutely nothing wrong.

But I noticed that you wrote “she doesn’t seem to care”, which implies that you didn’t discuss it.

If so, it’s worth having a chat – when you’re not in the bedroom – to make sure she’s truly happy.

I’m sending you my support pack, Different Sex Drives, which will help you both if she has a problem with your current setup.

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