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Michael Frank

As the J6 Committee hearings continue, there is no doubt that the then President was the driving force behind an attempt to end our constitutional government in the United States after some 230 years. There had been few questions before that. The Committee simply put a lot of flesh on the bones of what most Americans believed to be true.

What is amazing is that the current Republican Party, instead of condemning this attack on the government which has provided Americans with a good structure for a few centuries, has instead chosen almost 100% to rally behind a man who committed treason.

Such support for Trump surely makes us wonder about the motives of these supporters. Why would Chuck Grassley support a man who appears to have committed open betrayal? This certainly belies any claims he makes of working for the best interests of the country. The higher interest of the country would be to root out those involved in or sympathizing with the insurgency.

Grassley needs to be pressed on that in campaign appearances. Which is more important: Trump or the country? Currently, Grassley sides with Trump and his supporters. Is Grassley so afraid of being called a RINO that he’s afraid to stand up for what’s right.

On a similar note, Grassley voted NO on the gun compromise bill the other day. He is not a man of integrity who wants to bring the gun industry to life. This is a man who gets tons of money from the gun industry and votes for them no matter what. Once purchased, it remains purchased. But that’s not good for Iowa.

I sometimes wonder if Iowa’s school-age children – just under 500,000 – each paid $5 and gave it to Grassley to vote to regulate guns if that would do anything thing ? These kids just want to get an education without fearing that a loser will burst into their classroom and blow them up. Is it too much to ask?

Frustration and fear are really starting to set in for many Americans following SCOTUS’ decision on Thursday to roll back New York State’s restrictions on concealed carry. This case will be the stepping stone to ending nearly all gun restrictions in this country.

Therefore, in a short time, a person may be well advised to be wary that anyone they interact with could easily pack a gun. We were once told that it would create a more polite society. It will certainly create a more fearful society. One of the people we can thank for that is Grassley.

Grassley who stopped a SCOTUS nomination ignoring the constitutional provisions of the constitution. Grassley who worked for the election of an utterly unqualified person for president. Grassley who now supports this same person even after committing treason.

Mike Franken has been a breath of fresh air in the rancid atmosphere of recent Iowa politics. Franken has an extremely distinguished public career rising to the rank of 3-Star Admiral in the United States Navy. People, he is competent! And he has a set of values ​​learned in a much more normal Iowa that has served him well.

In a recent email, he reminded Iowans how their state has always been on the cutting edge of America:

Fox News and my opponent Chuck Grassley are keen to call me a “liberal”. They are already calling me a radical socialist who is the most liberal person to ever run for office. (*roll eyes*)

A bit of history: Iowa was one of the first states to open a university for women, elect women to public office and admit women lawyers to the bar. We were the second state in the country to allow interracial marriage and the first state to desegregate public schools. Iowa is home to the oldest mosque in America, and we were the third state to recognize same-sex marriage.

You’d think the good senator would remember those events… Maybe Grassley forgot about Iowa and who we are – or maybe he’s playing partisan politics yet again and courting support from fringe groups far-right to seek re-election.

Iowa has always been a place of progressive values, and I’m running against Chuck Grassley because it’s time to return our state to its roots of standing up for equality and caring for one another.

Mike Franken will not be sold to the highest bidder. It’s time for Iowa to pick the guy who will put Iowa values ​​first.

The people of Iowa deserve a guy who will fight for them and their kids, not the top 1%. Mike Franken is that guy.

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