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We seem to be stuck in a mode that always results in demonic leftist liberal versus rightist conservative religious lunatics.

I innocently thought that when it came to our children, maybe things made more sense, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Recently I read “Irreversible Damage – the Transgender Craze Seducing our Daughters” by Abigail Shrier, writer for the Wall Street Journal. It is a terrifying expose of the social experiment in left-wing politics and every parent and grandparent should read this book to protect their children.

Whole groups of teenage girls say they are transgender, that they never thought or acted like a boy in a woman’s body until they heard a “coming out” story at their school or on the Internet

This book is a scientific explanation and detailed study of rapid onset transgender dysphoria. The stories are normal children of the upper socio-economic level of our population. Shrier analyzes the evidence, dispels the propaganda of the political left, and exposes the facts.

His bibliography, pages and pages of notes and list of specialists consulted, is overwhelming. Many are liberals, but they had the courage to speak out as scientists and experts on this social experiment.

Parents are confused and scared. So-called specialists agree with these teenagers and push hormone blockers, mastectomies for young girls and castration for 16-year-old boys. These hormone blockers make many girls infertile.

Teenagers are diagnosing their own issues after being inundated with “gender-affirming” education and therapists.

YouTube “STARS” tell young girls that if their parents don’t engage with blockers and surgeries, their “glitter” or gay family will be there for them! (Note to teenager – So ask them for money for rent, braces and clothes.)

These same teenagers threaten to kill themselves unless parents allow these things to happen. Schools are working behind the backs of parents to support this hysteria, which does not follow the path of transgender history.

Instead, so-called experts tell these kids, “If you think you are, you are!” Can you imagine if we all went to the doctor and said I know what’s wrong with me, just give me some medicine?

Imagine being 13 again and your body changing, then imagine taking hormone blockers to stop puberty!

Imagine a doctor cutting off the breasts of a healthy 12-year-old girl!

Wonder what doctor would do this and why isn’t it considered child abuse!

California has the most comprehensive statement on gender identity and sexual orientation statewide. Parents are not allowed to withdraw their children from studies on gender identity or sexual orientation.

Judy Chiasson, Program Coordinator for People and Diversity at LA Unified, says, “…society expects schools to be able to solve many social problems. But things that were once the exclusive domain of families, we are now asking schools to look at a little more intentionally.

“We serve the community, but in some places we have to lead the community.” Oh good? Take them where exactly?

In June 2019, the California Teachers Association voted on a proposal to allow identified underage students to leave campus during school hours to obtain gender hormone blocking treatments without parental permission. (The same goes for birth control.)

Throughout history, women have broken down many barriers, but in today’s social experience they are labeled as “gender nonconforming.”

I remember the 60s and women breaking down barriers but we were never told we were men but only proud to be women.

Girls who like math or sports or who are logical; boys who sing, play or like to draw are “gender nonconforming”. They are referred to as “persons whose behavior does not correspond to what is considered typical for their assigned sex”. What a bullshit!

The ACLU, Planned Parenthood and Elsen (Gay and Lesbian Independent Schools Teachers Network) are of course brought into schools to teach students about sexual orientation and gender.

Kindergartens are introduced to “Gingerbread Person” and “Gender Unicorn”. The teachers read “I am Jazz” and the little children learn that they could have a “girl’s brain in a boy’s body”.

This is scientific gibberish! A girl’s brain cannot inhabit a boy’s body. It is stamped with XX Chromosomes. It’s nothing but political nonsense and it might be funny if it didn’t end up destroying people’s lives and forcing some to end their lives.

This drivel is taught as TRUTH to impressionable children.

In California, the Board of Education asks kindergarten teachers to read “Who Are You?” The Children’s Guide to Gender Identity” by Brook Pessin-Whedbee. The author says “Babies can’t talk, so adults GUESS looking at their bodies.” A guess?????

Children are then introduced to a flow of names such as Trans, Genderqueer, non-binary, gender fluid, bigender, etc. They believe that children can choose their own point on this spectrum.

I wanted to be a cowgirl and a nun when I was little. Wondering where that would fit in?

Gender stereotypes are taught as if they were science, not total nonsense.

This “so-called” children’s guide says, “You are who you say you are, because you know better!” Heck, I know 4 year olds who say they’re a dinosaur!

The books say parents should listen to their children, but what they really say is that parents should agree with them!!

Shrier’s book was about the role that COVID and the phone should play in this “social experiment”.

This book, “Irreversible Damage,” contains pages of incredible interviews with grieving and confused parents, lost teens, broken teens, educators, psychologists, scientists and more. I could never begin to tell you everything I read. In fact, I sent this book to all my own children. (Amazon)

It’s disturbing, but unless you know the truth about the politics behind this heinous crime that is happening to our children, you cannot protect your children and grandchildren.

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