Just 36 life lessons I learned at 36.

It can be scary, absolutely. But what do you have to lose? Worst-case scenario, they’ll find excuses not to hang out with you, and that’s fine – thanks, then! Trust me when I say most people will jump at the chance to meet a new friend.

33. Buy the right olive oil.

I have a thing for Greek but that’s because I’m half Greek. Just get the right things, it really makes a difference.

34. Owning a sex toy.

Doesn’t have to be a vibrator, but buy a sex toy that will enhance or add to your sex life. It’s fun and you might learn something new about yourself.

35. And a sexy lingerie set.

It’s mainly so you can take thirst traps (sexy pictures of yourself). You don’t have to send them to anyone. They are for you! Godddd it feels good to look good.

I exclusively wear jumbo cotton briefs and bras that support my daughters (double D), but I have this drawer of sexy underwear and sometimes I just put it on for fun. Do it, do it, do it.

36. You won’t regret as much as you think.

I was constantly terrified that if I didn’t take THAT trip or take THAT job or date THAT guy, I would regret it. Honestly, I regret very little (except not investing lol).

For example, I said no to a gap year working at a summer camp in America to take a job at the time.

Of course, I would have liked to do the gap year, but that’s not a regret, it’s like something I could have done, but didn’t. I guess if I came back I would do things differently, but even though I am THE most anxious person, it really has no bearing on me that I missed this opportunity.

The biggest and most huge lesson I’ve learned is that life has a million little paths you can take, every day – and they have a million other little paths outside of them.

It’s not about making the perfect choice, it’s just a bunch of choices, and they’re all filled with good and bad and ups and downs. You just do things and make decisions and see what results.

This is true of my professional life, my friendship life, my love life. I have no fucking idea how I got here, and that’s kind of the beauty of life, isn’t it?

You just have to keep stepping and jumping, but if you don’t for some reason, that’s fine. You won’t wake up at 80 regretting your choices because life will give you so many other experiences along the way.

Melissa Mason is a freelance writer. You can find it on instagram and Twitter.

Feature Image: Instagram / @melissamason_

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