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New York (AFP) – A New York court on Thursday dismissed a $40 million sexual misconduct lawsuit filed against Kevin Spacey by an actor who claimed the Hollywood star targeted him when he was 14.

A jury found that Antoine Rappwho was seeking damages for “emotional anguish”, failed to prove that the Oscar-winning double had “touched a sexual or intimate part of the body”, leading Judge Lewis Kaplan to dismiss the civil case.

After deliberating for about an hour “the jury found the defendant not responsible,” according to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

The 63-year-old ‘Usual Suspects’ and ‘House of Cards’ star was seen leaving court shortly after the verdict was announced, without speaking to reporters.

His attorney said in a statement that “Mr. Spacey is grateful to live in a country where citizens have the right to be tried by impartial jurors who make their decision based on evidence, not rumors or social media.

“Their verdict was swift and decisive.”

One of the first stars to be caught in the global #MeToo toll, Spacey separately pleaded not guilty to charges of sexually assaulting three men in Britain between March 2005 and April 2013.

In 2019, charges against the actor for indecent assault and sexual assault were dropped in Massachusetts.

Rapp, who stars in the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ series, claimed he was assaulted by Spacey at a Manhattan party in 1986, when he was 14 and Spacey 26.

In his lawsuit, the actor, now 50, accused Spacey of walking into a bedroom where he was watching television, lifting him up, lifting him onto a bed and briefly lying next to him.

According to a court document, Rapp claimed that Spacey’s hand “grazed” his buttocks while doing so.

During the two-week trial, Rapp said he “felt frozen” – until he managed to “find his way”.

Rapp did, however, agree that there were “no kisses, no stripping, no reaching under clothing, and no sexualized statements or innuendo,” in an incident that didn’t go unnoticed. lasted more than two minutes.

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Since Rapp’s accusations first surfaced in 2017, Spacey has disappeared from screens and theaters.

The ‘American Beauty’ star has repeatedly spoken out in New York City to deny Rapp’s account of the events, saying he has no recollection of attending the party in question with him.

At the time of Rapp’s accusations, Spacey came out publicly as gay for the first time, which he says led to accusations that he was “trying to change the subject or trying to distract.”

During cross-examination in New York, Spacey described a troubled family background, with a father he described as a “white supremacist” and a “neo-Nazi”, who disliked homosexuals and n didn’t appreciate her son’s interest in the theatre.

Spacey said Rapp’s accusations made him feel “shocked, scared and confused” and that when prompted by his advisers he issued a public apology which he now regrets.

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