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Syan Lunsford of Chevalier’s Books organized an abortion rights book drive to raise money for women’s aid organizations.

Chevalier’s Books is taking action to help support reproductive rights following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, reversing the opinion that had established a woman’s right to abortion. Shortly after the decision was announced, Chevalier sent an email to customers announcing the campaign, including links to bundles of books on abortion rights. The campaign was also announced on social media.

“Our team at Chevalier has been deeply affected by the Supreme Court’s unfair decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. To encourage support for those seeking abortions, 15% of sales of titles related to abortion, reproductive justice and sexual health will be donated directly to local abortion funds. The funds will be divided equally between Oklahoma Roe Fund, Kentucky Health Justice Network, New Orleans Abortion Fund, Justice Empowerment Network South Dakota and Fund Texas Choice.

Syan Lunsford, Chevalier’s Books event coordinator, told The Buzz that support for the campaign has been good and is educating customers both about the issue and what people can do to support abortion rights. Earlier this month, the reader was featured in an Orange County Register article.

Store manager Katie Orphan told the Register: “It’s a long-standing tradition in our industry. Not all bookstores necessarily adopt a more militant position – I have certainly known many booksellers who aimed for neutrality, which is a position in itself – but we also think of one of the most famous booksellers of the 20th century , Sylvia Beach, who owned Shakespeare and Company in Paris, and published “Ulysses” when no one else would.

Stop by and check out the books in person or online, click the image below or visit the Chevalier’s Books website.

Chevalier’s Books fundraiser raises funds for abortion rights
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