Labor Religious Hate Speech Act Will Only Strengthen Scientology


Hate speech laws: Government proposes change to human rights law after years of contentious debate

After years of contentious policy debates, six proposals and thousands of submissions, the government has finally released its new Hate Speech Bill – making just one change to the Human Rights Act.

It comes after Newshub revealed On Friday, the government watered down its proposed hate speech laws because they were too controversial to be acceptable.

The government would make an amendment to hate speech laws to include religious communities. However, he did not rule out expanding it to other groups in the future.

Let’s be very clear from the outset, what has been proposed is the smallest nothing the government could get away with.

Kiri Allan’s extraordinarily aggressive opening salvo launched on The nation last month has been muzzled and castrated in this latest journey into the minefield of the culture war of free speech against hate speech.

The panic that swept through the Labor Caucus at Kiri’s sudden decision to launch a one-person charge on the radioactive free speech front was immediate as I understand it.

Like, when it aired.

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As if phone calls had been made very soon after his appearance. And when it appears.

I get a lot of, “What the hell is she doing” comments have been made.

Many times.

What Kiri came back to is the least problematic version Labor can pass without winning 10% more ACT in the polls.

The problem is that their solution is such an affront to a liberal progressive democracy that it still cannot stand!

The law will make it illegal to post or say anything that hates religion which is just bullshit and the most obscene part of it all is that it will be picked up by religious freak shows who all use court to promote their branch of religious fear!

I tell you now, it will be the Church of Scientology who will abuse it first!

Look, again, for the billionth time, there are plenty of good philosophical and intellectual reasons to hate religion, and in a secular liberal democracy, you should be able to hate religion!

If a religious hate speech law is passed, it will cause bizarre interpretations as all the fringe religious fruit loop fear scammers play the system for credibility and recruiting purposes.

Besides the fact that the state shouldn’t criminalize people for hating religion, it won’t protect the people we think we protect!

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