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Last Thursday July 14eDr. Omer Deen was installed as 151stPresident of LACMA. Dr. Deen shared his vision with attendees at the annual event held at the Peterson Automotive Museum:

As physicians, we constantly face legislative, regulatory, and procedural challenges that impact the physician-patient relationship. From excessive documentation, archaic and cumbersome pre-authorizations and step therapy to the Los Angeles City Council’s recent order raising the minimum wage to $25 an hour for certain workers at private hospitals, inpatient facilities and dialysis clinics, but completely excluding workers who do the exact same job in public hospitals, clinics, and health care facilities, including all University of California and County hospitals and clinics.

The measures also completely exclude workers in health facilities not affiliated with hospitals, including community health clinics, family planning clinics, nursing homes, medical centers, etc. The measures apply to non-clinical workers such as janitors, housekeepers and landscapers in hospital settings, but exclude clinical workers such as orderlies, medical technicians and other workers in uncovered settings. The SEIU-UHW union filed 10 ballot initiatives in 10 cities – Anaheim/Los Angeles/Long Beach/Culver City/Duarte/Downey/Inglewood/Monterey Park/Baldwin Park/Lynwood – targeting the November 2022 ballot.

We would like to know your opinion on this. Let us know whether or not you support the proposed measure for other cities.

As physicians, we stand up for the health and well-being of our patients. We have focused for decades on obesity, stroke, cardiovascular disease, cancer, tobacco and alcohol consumption. Today, we face new challenges, just like our patients. In typical LACMA fashion, as we have done before, we must pivot and deploy energy and resources because the challenges today are monumental:

  1. Firearm-related injuries and deaths are the leading cause of death among children. It’s not about road accidents anymore. LACMA partners with the Chicago Medical Society, the California Attorney General’s Office, the New York Attorney General’s Office and several medical associations across the United States to launch an innovative program to educate and inform parents , educators and medical providers on how to prevent gun violence.
  2. Reproductive health laws and their impact on physicians and patients.
  3. Health equity and access to care. How can we extend fair and equitable coverage?
  4. Reimbursement Equity for Medi-Cal Providers: For too long, physicians serving underserved communities have not been compensated at fair rates. LACMA is part of a coalition to change that.
  5. Health issues beyond our borders: Local Ukrainian American doctors asked LACMA to do something to help Ukrainian doctors, the Ukrainian people. We have had discussions with the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America and the Consul General of Ukraine. I hope to share more news on this front soon. They need crash courses in trauma surgery for their surgeons and they need prosthetics. LACMA is here to coordinate and collaborate with our local educational institutions and prosthetic companies to provide the support they need.

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