Lake Monger Drive underpass is supported to make the road safer


Cambridge advisers supported the concept of a Lake Monger Drive underpass to make it safer for pedestrians to access the Lake Monger Preserve.

The council wishes to carry out a detailed study of the sub-road option, with avenue St Vincent as the prime location.

According to a city report, an underpass – which will cost around $ 4 million – is expected to be built in two halves and will require “significant temporary road diversion.”

The council’s support follows a survey in October on the best solution for pedestrians heading to the Monger Lake Preserve, with questions covering three possible underpass locations and alternatives such as an overpass or overpass. pedestrians.

Locals who responded to the survey requested a “vitally important” pedestrian crossing to the reserve, which attracts drive-in fitness fanatics from much further afield, but is undoubtedly a gem of the area for families from around the world. West Leederville.

Of the 572 submissions received by the City, 47 percent preferred an underpass compared to 29 percent who supported an overpass and 24 percent who wanted a crosswalk.

Avenue St Vincents was the preferred location for a level crossing, chosen by half of the respondents.

Only 22 percent of respondents favored the Gregory Street location, while 14 percent preferred the intersection with St. Columbas Avenue.

One person wrote that they often felt unsafe crossing the road with children, while another said crossing from Leederville to West Leederville was dangerous and unpleasant.

However, other interviewees were concerned that an underpass would result in antisocial behavior, saying the underpasses were “notorious for graffiti and did not feel safe”.

Another called for security cameras at the underpass to “fight sexual assault, homeless people sleeping and drunk people urinating.”

“Current comments received have emphasized that an underpass will be the safest and easiest for people of all ages to cross Lake Monger Drive,” a city report said.

Councilor Alaine Haddon-Casey said an underpass would be better than an overpass for people with reduced mobility. She said that whatever solution is chosen for Lake Monger Drive, it should consider people who might need to push a wheelchair or stroller up a steep incline.

The report said there was a “clear demand for safer crossings along the entire length of Lake Monger Drive”.

At their last meeting in 2021, councilors also agreed to prepare concepts for four informal crossing points along Lake Monger Drive by widening the proposed median bands between Gregory Street and Southport Street.

Pushchair ramps and handrails would be installed as part of this plan.

They will also investigate the possibility of a waypoint near the Northwood Street intersection.

“This process will allow the city to determine where the most viable informal crossings are located to ensure ease of crossing and make people feel safe and relaxed when crossing Lake Monger Drive,” the city report says.

The cost of any new waypoint would not be known until the design process.

Former Cambridge Councilor Jane Powell told PerthNow in October she was not convinced that a single checkpoint under or above the road would solve the problem for the sheer number of residents who use the Monger Lake reserve.

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