LIVE BLOG: SCOTUS gives states power to regulate abortion by reversing Roe

The number of abortion opponents dwindles as anti-power activists continue to chant

Activists supporting the Supreme Court ruling increasingly began to leave the area surrounding the building even as activists in favor of widespread access to abortion continued to chant.

Nicky Sundta self-proclaimed “independent climate change expert”, said that “reproductive rights are of crucial importance in themselves”, the decision is “part of a greater erosion of the rights of marginalized communities: women, people of color, queer people.”

Sundt, who identified as ‘trans’, had ‘no doubt, given the precedent…that we’re going to see some of the same rationale used to roll back other rights’, likely an allusion to the concurring judgment of Justice Clarence Thomas advocating for using the same logic cited in Friday’s ruling to reconsider other cases decided using the same logic that found constitutional rights to contraceptives and same-sex marriage.

Susan Prolmana self-proclaimed “citizen of the world”, decried “a minority” for “overstepping the judiciary, especially the Supreme Court” and making decisions that “do not represent the will of the majority”.

“We are at a terrifying moment in American history,” Prolman said, calling the decision a “war on women.”


Cami Mondeaux/Washington Examiner

Billie Chapmana Wyoming social worker, called the decision “horrible.”

“Now it’s like 60 years of progress has been hijacked by a decision of people who don’t have vaginas,” Chapman said, calling on states to “step up and protect abortion and human rights.” women”.

Of the six judges who ruled in favor of the annulment Roe vs. Wade, five are men. The court’s three women split, with a Republican-appointed judge Amy Coney Barrett majority voting and judges Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kaganboth nominated by former President Barack Obama, dissidents.

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