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Our photographer Love on Top Wade Muir is the only being capable of capturing the love, sex and magic of this daytime dance-a-thon and he hasn’t let us down this year.

After a two-year hiatus, Love on Top came back into our lives and it was such a special day of queer love. It felt like the family reunion we all needed and wanted.

Special guests Royal Fantasy and Candy gave performances, our dancers Ciera, Kehlbi, Liana Lewis, milkshake, Black shadow, Stephen and hosts aunt Gloria, Fisher-Price, Matt Chiu and Ohbumbarassclot everyone added that little something extra to the party.

DJ Sammy Rawal, Jaime Sin joined us to set the stage for the divine DJ PLANNINGTOROCKwho delivered an absolutely perfect set under the sun.

Special thanks to Steph who worked the Merch table like the queen she is, to Leelandoo who took care of the socials for us, to Melissa who ran the Mother-Tuckin’ show, Michel Majus for the delicious decor. We are also eternally grateful and in love with Gizelle and the security team, as well as our front gate keepers, Ashlee, Jackie and Sarah-Tai Black. We are not worthy.

HERE IS A LINK to download the photos of the party!

We can’t wait to be bigger and badder next summer

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