Man Sentenced to 10 Years for Interstate Harassment for Driving from South Carolina to Maine in 2019


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A South Carolina man was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Thursday for interstate stalking after driving a woman from South Carolina to Maine two and a half years ago and threatening and assaulting her, according to the office of the American attorney.

Dustin Beach, 27, of Green Pond, South Carolina, pleaded guilty last June in U.S. District Court in Portland. In return for his guilty plea, federal prosecutors dropped two counts of kidnapping and one count of witness tampering, according to court documents.

As part of the deal, U.S. District George Singal imposed the maximum allowable sentence for the crime.

Beach drove a woman in her truck from South Carolina to Maine in July 2019, court documents show. During the ride, Beach threatened the victim and assaulted her with his hands and other objects, including a hammer, a metal chain, and the center console torn from the truck. He also used a knife to cut his arms and legs.

At a rest area in Maryland, the victim tried to get passers-by to call 911 for her so she could get help, but they refused to help her, court documents show .

Upon Beach’s conviction, Singal called the South Carolina man’s conduct “sadistic” and found him “a danger to society,” the US prosecutor’s office said.

In addition to his prison term, Singal sentenced Beach to three years on probation.

Beach had been held without bail since his arrest in July 2019. This time will be credited to his sentence.

US Attorney Darcie McElwee praised the work of law enforcement in response to a “vicious crime”.

“I hope the example of these lawsuits and the heavy sentence handed down by the court sends a clear message that such violence will not be tolerated in the District of Maine,” she said.

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