Married teacher Kandice Barber claims she is ‘too short’ for sex with a teenage girl



A married teacher accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy claimed she was “petite”, making the logistics of their alleged gender impossible.

A married teacher denied sexually assaulting a student in a field – telling a court that at 152cm she was “too short” to be physically possible.

Kandice Barber, 35, from Wendover, Buckinghamshire in the UK, is accused of riding the 15-year-old in her 4×4 car, having sex in a field and committing a sexual act on him in the woods, The sun reports.

But the mother was so “tiny” that she only came to the teenager’s shoulder – making the logistics of their alleged sex impossible, her lawyer said on Tuesday.

Ms Barber denies three counts of causing or instigating a child under 16 to engage in a sexual act.

The jury heard that Ms Barber had previously been convicted of sending the boy a video of her performing a sexual act on his bed.

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But his lawyer Nadia Chbat told Amersham court the alleged incidents never happened.

Ms Chbat told the now 18-year-old complainant: “You told the police you were behind them. You had lowered your clothes.

“You accept that she’s quite short, she’s only about five feet (152 cm), right, so you were taller than her back then, right? not ?

“You didn’t even think she could reach your shoulders back then, did you?” “

Two of the alleged sexual acts took place in October 2018 before the boy’s 16th birthday, one reportedly took place afterwards.

The court heard that the second time was said to have been where Ms Barber drove them to the side of a busy main road and parked so the boy could perform a sexual act on her.

They then got out of the car and she allegedly committed a sexual act on him.

Ms Chbat said, “Let us understand, then you get out of the car and walk to a small wooded area – that’s where she, you say, gave you a blowjob.

“Why would you want to get out of the car?” She’s on top of you and you’re having sex in the car. What was the need to get out of the car?

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“Instead, a decision was made to get out of the car and walk through the wooded area.

“You both head over to that wooded area and that’s when you lay down in the wooded area and say she gave you a blowjob.”

The boy told the court they had to get out of the car because his teacher had parked just off a busy main road near his home in Buckinghamshire.

On Monday, jurors heard allegations that the accused threatened to “bring down the complainant” if he reported her.

The court heard that the accused texted the boy while he was teaching him in class, including a text read to jurors that read: “You can’t make me blush when I teach now, poker face . “

It was heard that rumors started circulating around the school where Ms Barber taught and the boy was interviewed by his principal, although he denied everything.


In a message believed to have been found on the complainant’s phone, the boy claimed Ms Barber had threatened to “put him down” if he told anyone about their relationship.

It was also alleged that Ms Barber told the boy she was pregnant – but then called him to tell him that she had miscarried.

Ms Barber then admitted to police that she had had an ectopic pregnancy, which was “well known throughout the school”. The unborn child was fathered by her husband, she said.

The court heard that the boy told the specialist police: “She told me that she might be pregnant with my child and I started to panic. I lied to almost everyone except my friends.

“She said if I was going to sneak her, a snake on her basically, she was going to knock me down with her.”

“I was like, are you going to accuse me of rape?” She was like, period. Obviously, I got angry and didn’t talk to him after that.

The trial continues.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been reprinted with permission

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