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A lawmaker who accused the prime minister’s father of improperly touching her said reporters had scoured her past sex life to find “some kind of defense” for the alleged assault.

Caroline Nokes, Tory MP for Romsey and Southampton North and chair of the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee, said Stanley Johnson hit her hard at the Conservative Party conference in 2003.

Since the allegation came to light last week, Nokes has said sections of the media have “distorted logic” by calling her “the kind of woman it is okay to sexually harass.”

She told Times Radio: “It’s just horrible because how does an abuser know what kind of life their victim has led? We are literally in a culture that tries to turn against women, to make it her fault, to blame her, to accuse her of making a political vendetta of her.

When asked why she didn’t report the assault at the time, Nokes replied, “If someone said in 2003 that I had to report it, my first question would be to whom? How? ‘Or’ What? What are the processes for me to file a complaint with the Conservative Party about another candidate? And I just didn’t know there was and I think I would have a hard time identifying who to complain to now, to be brutally honest.

“But, like so many women, I had this response: What impact will this have on me? How will talking about this negatively impact me? And even 18 years later, you can see people trying to turn me around and blame and humiliate the victim. “

Nokes said she did not consider herself a victim and refused to be painted as such.

She added, “I really think it’s incumbent on all of us to work together to call it out and make sure that men who behave in this way understand that it’s inappropriate.”

Johnson argued that he did not remember the incident and did not know who Nokes was. But the allegation prompted a second woman to come forward, Ailbhe Rea, a reporter for the New Statesman, who allegedly “groped” her at the 2019 Conservative conference.

Stanley Johnson told The Sun: “I have no recollection of Caroline Nokes, and no idea what she was talking about. If I had been asked about the allegation made by the New Statesman reporter, I would have said the same thing.

On Thursday, the Prime Minister refused to say whether the Conservatives would launch an investigation.

Boris Johnson told reporters: “First of all, it is absolutely right that everyone, women in particular, can have the confidence to come forward and file a complaint.

“There are proper procedures for people to lodge their complaints, make known what happened and be properly investigated. But obviously I’m not going to comment on individual cases.

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