Meet the nominees for the 2022 GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Blog Awards


From: Dawn Ennis

We’re just hours away from one of the LGBTQ community’s most special gatherings of the year: the 33rd GLAAD Annual Media Awardsand five nominees spill the tea with actor, activist and GLAAD board member Peppermint.

These are all bloggers vying for top honors in the Outstanding Blog category. Four are past winners: Alvin McEwen of Holy bullies and headless monsters, Dana Rodolphe of mom, Mark S. King of My fabulous disease and Sue Kerr of Pittsburgh Lesbian Pen pals. New in category is Darian Aaroneditor of The jugement.

These five proud bloggers are among nearly 250 nominees in 30 English and Spanish language categories, said Peppermint, who appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Laid, as well as other scripted and reality series. The black transgender woman is also part of the ACLU’s Artist Ambassador Project and regularly appears in the media to speak about trans equality, including a recent Interview with ABC News with Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD.

“We owe a lot to our community of LGBTQ bloggers because if they didn’t tell our stories, no one else would,” Peppermint said. “And they have the power to report on LGBTQ news, profile LGBTQ people, and share their own expertise and insights on so many queer topics.”

Peppermint kicked off the roundtable by explaining what these awards are really about: recognizing leaders in the LGBTQ acceptance movement. “The GLAAD Media Awards recognize outstanding portrayals of LGBTQ people and issues in the media. They raise the bar for what it means to tell an LGBTQ story or include an LGBTQ character,” she said.

On the minds of many these days is two-time winner, Texas trailblazer Monica Roberts of TransGriotwho would have turned 60 this week and has worked tirelessly for transgender inclusion, rights and equality.

“I also want to pay such a humble tribute to Monica Roberts, the incredible black trans icon,” Peppermint said.

One of our nominees, Sue Kerr of Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents, has reported on the deadly epidemic of violence against the trans community, particularly trans women of color, since 2013. She credits Monica’s pioneering efforts as one of his motivations to continue after nearly a decade of creating this content.

“There was no coverage of his story. And that was shocking to me. LGBTQ media really didn’t pick it up. I went around autism groups. I went to a group mental health, an AAPI group, and I kept asking them to write about it,” Kerr said. “She was a kid. And it turns out most of her contacts didn’t know not that she was dead. It’s because I reached out to them. Kerr, who pitched the idea for this roundtable to GLAAD, said she’s grateful the community has responded positively to her work with a candlelight vigiland, in turn a Georgian television channel and MSNBC told the story of Kathryn Newhouse.

“That’s what we’re all here for, because we want to amplify to even bigger outlets and tell them what’s true. These are stories that need to be told,” Kerr said. not only our stories, but we are finding ways to preserve them for future generations so they can understand this time period through the eyes of so many different people.”

Darian Aaron shared a story he was particularly proud of during The jugementabout atlanta Silver Lining Projectwhich is made up of black gay men over 50 living with HIV.

“It was really important to me to amplify the stories of these men, because it’s really important for young black and gay people to know the shoulders that they’re standing on, because so often they’re not aware of our history and people who came before us, our ancestors, who literally paved the way,” Aaron said. “I was able to amplify the lived experiences of these men in such a way that for the first time, for many of them, they felt seen.”

Blogging about the impact of HIV and AIDS is Mark S. King’s beat. “My blog focuses on the people who inspire me and the stories we need to tell each other,” he told Peppermint. “Because as awful as AIDS has been over the past 40 years, it has shown what we are all really made of. AIDS affects everything. It’s about racism, homophobia, sexuality, religion, almost anything you can imagine is a touchy subject. He is affected by HIV. And that’s what makes it fascinating to me and why I’m still here.

mom, said Dana Rudoph, is too often “bundled” with parenting blogs. “It’s a lifestyle site for lesbian moms and other LGBTQ parents with a variety of policies, parenting, diversions and resources for all the many aspects of our lives,” she said, noting mom is not a newspaper. “Our family is pretty boring on the scale of things, and I prefer to use the blog to elevate other people’s stories, share resources, do inclusive children’s book reviews, things like that. And so that’s what I’ve been doing with my blog for almost 17 years now.

Alvin McEwen from Holy bullies and headless monsters works to counter so-called “pro-family” groups bent on spreading hate and bigotry.

“My blog strives to refute all the information they post,” he said. “They always talk about protecting women, protecting children, protecting marriage, protecting women’s sports. It’s like every time they talk about protecting something, we’re the ones who need the bodyguards. And so what my blog does is draw attention to that, because let’s face it, the mainstream media doesn’t.

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