Mel O’Neill shared his latest blog on old friends

Mel O’Neill is a mother of two from Penketh who is living with breast cancer.

I couldn’t believe it when my husband came home from work today from O’Neill’s Hair Salon in Penketh and told me about his new client, Trish Murray. In 1992 – incredibly, 30 years ago, Trish and I worked together at Mr. Smith’s now sadly defunct nightclub and Martin Dawes Telecommunications in Warrington.

I was thrilled to reconnect with a blast from my past, Trish Murray. We quickly arranged a lunch date to catch up because we seemed to have so much in common and although our lives had taken completely different directions, our vision of empowering people to be who they want to be was a very real connection. .

It’s hard to believe that when you haven’t seen someone in almost 30 years, only to find out once you start chatting that you feel like you’ve never been apart. That’s how Trish and I felt as we sat in the White Heart pub reminiscing about the past and talking about our lives today.

I last saw Trish as she moved to Australia after accepting a job opportunity with Martin Dawes. dedicated adult boutique business, one of the stores being in my home town of Warrington, recently moved from under the Crown Street arches to Sankey Street and rebranded as Boutique by Nice ‘n’ Naughty.

It was ironic to think that 30 years ago we sat in offices across the street in the former Warrington Guardian offices, with no care in the world.

So the revelation that over the past 23 years Trish had opened 15 adult shops across the country, developed the website and recently streamlined and renamed Nice ‘n’ Naughty, I like most of you had a thousand questions, How? Why? What are the best sellers? We laughed when she shared her story from cell phones at Martin Dawes to queen of sex toy sales at Nice ‘n’ Naughty!

I told my story to Trish, how my world fell apart when I was diagnosed with incurable stage IV inflammatory breast cancer over 11 years ago at the age of 37, along with 2 bleeds brain damage following a car accident in which I was involved a few years later.

I could no longer work as I was bombarded with numerous hospital appointments that ruled my life. Constantly battling fatigue, my mental health suffered as I was convinced that I would soon die leaving my four and five year old daughters to grow up without a mother.

After nine and a half years of chemo, one day I was told that I had to take a break from the treatment in order to control the pain from my mouth ulcer. It was November 2020 and I haven’t needed chemo since. Months later after a CT scan I was told I was in remission as the doctors couldn’t find cancer anywhere, but I needed to continue taking cancer medication (which I have no side effects of. ), but I had to finance myself.

Trish sat in front of me with her mouth open and tears in her eyes as I shared my story and what I had been through and congratulated me on my determination to succeed in my new ventures.

We meet people throughout our lives, and I believe there’s always a reason why our paths cross in the most unexpected of circumstances.

As Trish and I talked about our lives today, we discovered that we still had a lot in common and discussed how we could work together to empower people to be confident in their own bodies.

Trish explained that Nice ‘n’ Naughty has a large female and couples clientele, but also has several cross-dressing clients in the Warrington and Chester stores and felt privileged to be able to empower men to explore their feminine side.

Many of her clients have no one to talk to about cross-dressing and often feel awkward when shopping for women’s lingerie or discussing makeup tips.

Trish confessed to me that makeup has never been her strong point, although she definitely has the edge over me when it comes to walking in stilettos! On the other hand, I have 25 years experience in the make-up and skincare industry, having trained full-time for two years in Manchester and then worked for Elizabeth Arden and Bobbi Brown, j gained valuable experience in the UK and America on how to take care of your skin and apply makeup to enhance your own natural beauty.

Today I find myself looking for purpose following my own experiences with cancer to help others gain self-confidence and as a makeup artist and Tropic Ambassador, Trish and I discussed whether to offering her clients makeup lessons and makeovers in a comfortable environment that has given me a much-needed boost of confidence and independence after 11 years of cancer control.

I wanted to feel passionate about something again. I wanted my thoughts to be on something other than dying. I wanted to live in my happiness and that’s exactly where I am now.

As Trish and I continued to chat, over our now cold lunch, we realized that we both had the same goal of making people feel good about themselves.

Having been through what I’ve been through and knowing what it’s like to feel so lost, my main goal is to give clients a sense of accomplishment, a sense of well-being and a huge boost in their confidence in teaching them how to make themselves look and feel empowered with my knowledge of using proper skin care and makeup.

I believe everyone can be beautiful. All it takes is knowledge to be able to discover and improve it.

As Trish and I embark on our “new” friendship, we do so knowing that we’re both here to help others become who they want to become, taking opportunities to explore each other, and though makeup for transvestites is a new area for me to explore and develop, I do so with the help and support of Trish.

I was delighted to hear that Trish is now wholly owned by Nice ‘n’ Naughty, having worked with the company on and off for over 23 years, she has seen dramatic changes in the industry and while She’s embarking on the next chapter of Nice ‘n’Naughty, she’s shared her exciting and innovative ideas and projects and I’m thrilled to be helping and supporting my ‘old’ friend.

Trish advised Nice ‘n’ Naughty to select a charity every 12 months and this year she chose Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research UK alongside MIND. The Nice ‘n’ Naughty staff will be embarking on some big fundraising events in the coming months – so watch this space!

For more information please contact [email protected] and check out my exciting new adventure with the tropics

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