Michael Cera “is having a baby,” Life & Beth co-star Amy Schumer reveals

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Amy Schumer revealed a major life moment for Michael Cera!

“Michael has a baby too,” Schumer, 40, said Friday at a joint conference entertainment tonight interview with her Life and Beth co-star, 33.

“Is it common knowledge? Schumer joked. “I just revealed him, I just revealed his baby.”

The actor, who has kept a secret about his relationship with longtime love Nadine, has been would have married in 2018. This March, the two were spotted in Brooklyn wearing matching gold bands.

the super bad star seemingly confirmed the big news during her interview with Schumer, telling HEY, “We’re just getting started. We’re doing the basics right now.” However, no further details – including the baby’s gender, name and birthday – have been revealed.

A representative for Cera did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Schumer also talked about Cera being a father in the latest episode of Chelsea managerthe iHeartRadio podcast, Dear Chelseaduring the discussion Life and Beth. “Michael Cera is playing my romantic love,” she said of the Hulu show, adding, “He’s married, I’m married, we both have kids.”

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Schumer, who shares 2-year-old son Gene David with her husband Chris Fisheralso opened up on hers maternity trip and her difficult experience of in vitro fertilization.

“I did IVF, we did embryos and I went through the IVF process, which is so difficult,” said the I feel pretty the actress said on Handler’s podcast. “People do it so many times. I did it once, and I was like, ‘I’m going to die. This is awful.’ “

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“I had about 31 eggs and I was like, I’m Fertile Myrtle. I was really hot,” Schumer continued. “And then the fall after fertilization, we only had one normal embryo, and we tried, and it didn’t work…and now I don’t have a uterus.”

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“So we’ll only have one child, and we’re just enjoying our little family, and I’m just focusing on that,” the actress told Handler of her baby boy. “I’m excited about it but I was sad. And it’s not really something you feel sympathy for because it’s like you already have a female dog, shut up. But you know, it’s a real struggle that people go through.”

Schumer added, “We tried, but yeah, we’re just going to have the perfect adorable little angel.”

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Last month, she spoke candidly about the bittersweet emotions that come with being a mom, sharing an adorable Photo of herself with Gene David, sitting on a little red motorbike early Sunday morning.

“Being his mother is heaven on earth and also means a constant feeling of guilt and vulnerability that I will never get used to,” Schumer wrote in the caption. “Your heart feels like it’s outside your body and you’re too old to vent the feelings like before. When you were in love and scared. Send help!!!”

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