Most dangerous sex position that increases risk of penile fractures revealed, NHS doctor says



NHS doctor has revealed the most dangerous sex position for getting penile fractures.

According to the doctor, who moonlights as a TikTok star, dating sessions using this style are the cause of 50% of horror injuries.


NHS doctor claims to know most dangerous sex position for penile fracturesCredit: Jam Press

Dr Karan Rangarjan has revealed the position most likely to lead to a hospital run to his 4.3 million followers.

He announced that the reverse cowgirl is the riskiest – like there’s an “erratic thrust” during sex or if the two sides aren’t in sync, it can go horribly wrong.

The doctor explained that this is because the penis can slip and be crushed by their partner’s pubic bone, causing a fracture.

He warned that “over-enthusiastic sex could make your penis look like an eggplant.”

Although the penis is boneless, the word “fracture” is used to describe a tear in the tunica albuginea – a piece of fibrous tissue that connects the structure of the testicle and allows the penis to enlarge during an erection.

Patients who have a “penile fracture” and go untreated usually end up with erectile dysfunction, scarring, and permanent curvature for the rest of their lives.

The post has been viewed over 2.1 million times, racking up 189,200 likes.

Many of Dr. Karan’s supporters were devastated to learn that their preferred position could cause serious injury.

One of them said “this is my favorite position” followed by a sad face emoji.

Someone else commented, “They can just break, I heard … well now I can finally get revenge.”

Another viewer said: “My husband is now afraid to come near me because of this.”

Dr Karan hit back at people who wanted proof of these claims by saying that he knew it was true thanks to the “men coming to the emergency room with this problem.”

A cross section of the inside of a penis - the tunica tunica can tear and this causes the


A cross section of the inside of a penis – the tunica tunica can tear and this causes the “fracture”Credit: Jam Press
Doctor shares bloody details of man fractured penis during rampant sex session

Earlier this year, we recounted how a British man broke his penis vertically when he got deformed during sex.

Doctors have claimed that the man is the first known case to have damaged his penis in this way during sex.

The case study was 40 years old at the time and doctors said his penis “had buckled against his partner’s perineum (the area between the anus and the genitals).”

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