MP’s government postpones bull castration campaign amid opposition


The Madhya Pradesh government on Wednesday postponed a campaign to castrate 1.2 million bulls of the so-called indescribable variety after BJP Member of Parliament from the state capital Bhopal, Pragya Thakur, and congressional leaders from the opposition have called for the decision to be dropped, wrongly saying it could undermine efforts to increase the population of native varieties.

Cattle belong to indescribable breeds and are not of a particular strain, and cows of this variety are generally very low milk producers.

According to the state cattle tally, Madhya Pradesh has 29 million cattle (18.7 million cows and 10.3 million buffaloes), or 9.73% of the total cattle population in India in 2019. The state’s cattle population has grown by over 2.5 million since 2017. In terms of milk production, MP ranks third in 2020-21 after Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan with 17.1 million tonnes of milk. production; it represents 7% of the country’s total milk production, according to the Ministry of Food Processing.

Castration training

According to the state, at least 2.6 million bulls have been castrated in the past three years in Madhya Pradesh. However, there are still almost 4 million indescribable bulls and their population is increasing every year. The high number was the origin of the breeding service offering a massive castration campaign.

“The reason for the low milk yield is that over 80% of the total cow population belong to indescribable (not well defined) breeds. When indescribable bulls mate with cows, the result is usually indescribable calves of both sexes. The cows produced in this way give about a liter of milk per day. When farmers don’t make the money from feeding cows from dairy farming, they are forced to give them up, ”said JN Kansotia, Deputy Chief Secretary of the Livestock Department, MP.

To control the growing population of indescribable cattle, the department has proposed a mass castration campaign to be held between October 4 and 23.

Kansotia added that the department is trying to improve the quality of cows through artificial insemination, but only using semen from Indian breeds. “This campaign is aimed at stopping the increase in the indescribable cattle population, not at promoting an alien breed, but some people misguided MP Pragya Thakur on this and we tried to explain the same to her on Wednesday,” he said. he declared. He added that the reader has been discontinued for the time being.

Improving the milk yield of cows is part of the central government’s program to improve farm incomes. Niti Aayog estimated in 2017 that farm incomes could double by 2022 if livestock and poultry incomes increase by at least 60%. And, for that, experts say, states must control the growing population of indescribable bulls.


Earlier, Thakur spoke with Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to protest the campaign, calling it an “unnatural act” and claiming that it aims to end the Indian cow breed and invokes the god Hindu Shiva in his claim. Shiva’s steed is the bull. “… I opposed it and spoke with the Chief Minister that he would end the population of many Indian races and promote foreign races.”

Thakur won the support of an unlikely neighborhood, the opposition Congress. Spokesman Narendra Saluja said the order made it clear that the government is against the Indian breed of cows and wants to finish them off.

BJP spokesman Rajneesh Agrawal, however, defended the government and said: “The state government makes all decisions for the welfare of the cows, so we should not interfere in the functioning of the government.

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