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BC Roadz releases “DD”

Another new release from local rapper BC Roadz is here, and it’s more of the same super wacky stuff that was present on his EP AD that he released last year. “DD” is a single released today, January 21, and it precedes another EP whose date is yet to be determined. On the new single, BC tempers a rather disturbing story of himself/his story subject going off the rails, going through tolls on the road and picking up a sex worker out of boredom just to spend time rapping her instead, after remembering that he was broke. As BC details a story that ultimately ends violently, it’s all tempered by slow, soulful beats, and the opening and closing narration, provided by “Doso,” a robotic voice that sleepily repeats, “I’ve lost head”, while being cheered on by BC. It’s a weird track, but still fun thanks to Doso, who seems to be something of an alter ego for the artist. BC Roadz only started making music about eight months ago, and after getting into production and chamber recordings, he says those experiences “gave me the boost to take my art seriously, even if the subject matter is not”. That, plus the fact that his 13-year-old daughter designs his release covers, adds to the appeal of this local artist. Stream it on Spotify and follow BC Roadz on Instagram at @bcroadz.

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