“My stepfather sexually assaulted me and ruined my life. I feel abandoned and angry ‘


A sexual abuse survivor is “angry and hurt” as the “monster” stepfather who terrorized her faces less than a year behind bars.

Roger Light was jailed on Tuesday, more than three decades after abusing Sian Probert – his partner’s daughter – as a teenager in Grosmont, Monmouthshire.

Sian, now 50, says she now feels “cheated in a real sentence” after recorder Paul Lewis sentences 68-year-old Light to a 20-month sentence of which he will serve only the full term. half behind bars. The Cardiff Crown Court judge said he was bound by the laws at the time of the abuses. The law at the time set a maximum penalty of two years for the offense. Offenders who commit such attacks today can be jailed for up to 14 years.

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“I think the law has to change and the penalty has to be the same as the laws today,” Sian said. “We, the survivors of childhood, are the same as the children of today. Do we not have the same importance? “

Light, from Wern Gifford to Pandy, was convicted of two counts of indecent assault and admitted two other counts of indecent assault. They involved sexual touching when Sian was 13 to 15 years old.

Recorder Lewis said Sian’s mother found details of the abuse in her diary when she was 16. Arrested by Sian’s mother, Light said he had sexual contact with Sian after the age of 16, the judge added.

A jury acquitted Light of Sian’s rape. The judge said Sian’s mother stayed with Light, who did not disclose her history of abuse when the couple applied for guardianship of a child years later.

Roger Light was imprisoned

Sian reported to the police in 2019. In a statement read in court, she described Light as a “monster” and said her abuse “will affect me until my last day.” The attacks left her “a scared, sad, lonely and hurt girl.”

She added: “I come back to this dark and scary place and I’m that little girl again. I was a good girl, polite, I did as I was told. I don’t remember of what it was like to be a little girl before this monster became my shadow of fear and sadness.

“This man has ruined my life. I feel abandoned and angry. I worry so much about my little girl. I look at men and think they can be abusers. How do I say it?”

Sian revealed that she gave her daughter a password to use if she ever fell prey to an attacker. She taught her daughter to “never be silent and scared like me”.

“Adults are not always right,” the statement continued. “You don’t have to do as they say. Children should be seen and not heard? This is hogwash. You should scream, kids.”

Recorder Lewis rejected Light’s claim that his abuse had “nothing to do” with Sian overdosing on pills years later and requiring treatment in hospital. The judge said it was “at least in part a direct result of what happened”.

Roger light
Roger light

Sian victim of abuse
Sian victim of abuse

Andrew Taylor, mitigating, said: “This is an accused who not only has no previous convictions at age 68, but who in my opinion can be treated as a man of good character.

“He has always worked. When he was 26 he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a long-term incurable autoimmune disease. This led to this accused having long-term damage to several of his joints. people with this disease find it impossible to work for this reason. Not Roger Light, who is still working. “

Mr Taylor told the court that his client ran a business that trained people to ride trailers and played a “huge role in equestrian events in his community.”

Calling for a reprieve, the lawyer added: “Due to his age, his illness and the absence of young people who might come into contact with him from this point on, there is no chance that ‘he reoffends in any way. “

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He said that it “would not benefit society” to send Light to jail and the accused is “very sorry” that he “cannot control his emotions and sexual feelings.”

Mr. Taylor continued: “The man appearing today is not the man who committed these offenses. Probably not a day has passed that Mr. Light did not think about what he was doing. did.”

Recorder Lewis said: “The maximum penalty available at the time of the offenses was two years in prison. The offense now carries a maximum penalty of 14 years, but the law requires that I apply [no longer than] the maximum penalty on the date the offenses were committed.

Shortening the sentence due to the two guilty pleas, the judge sentenced Light to 20 months in prison and told him, “From the age of 13, you took advantage of her and you sexually assaulted her.

Roger light
Roger Light was sentenced to 20 months in prison

“Your self-justification for what you have done is deeply unappealing and you have little understanding of the impact your behavior has had on it. I was unable to detect any genuine remorse on your part when you testified . You were not a young or immature man. You were in your thirties. “

Reacting to the sentence, Sian told WalesOnline she was “upset, angry and hurt” to live with “a life sentence” when her attacker will only serve 20 months, only half of which in prison.

She added, “Having the courage to report my childhood sex abuser took my whole life. In February 2019, with all of my courage and strength inside, along with pain and despair getting lost in the dark I made the call I had been trying to do what seemed like an eternity.

“Knowing that only 2% of historical abuse cases get convicted, I guess I should be happy, but I can’t help but feel cheated of a real sentence that my abuser deserved.”

Recorder Lewis put Light on the sex offender registry for 10 years and said the accused would not be allowed to work with children.

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