Naomi Irion murder suspect Troy Drive in court

Troy Edward Driver, accused of kidnapping and killing 18-year-old Naomi Irion, will appear in court on Friday via Zoom at Canal Township Court in Fernley.

The 11 a.m. hearing comes a week after Driver, 41, of Fallon was formally charged with open murder.

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Here are four things you need to know ahead of today’s hearing

What are the fees?

Driver is charged with murder with the use of a deadly weapon and felony charges of kidnapping, robbery, burglary and destruction of evidence after Irion’s body was discovered last week in a makeshift grave in a remote part of Churchill County.

The amended complaint filed Tuesday alleges that Driver abducted Irion “for the purpose of committing sexual assault, extortion or robbery on or from the person with the intent to kill the person or cause substantial bodily harm.” .

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Why a Zoom appearance?

Driver will appear in Fernley Court on Friday on a television screen at Lyon County Jail in Yerington.

In this case, the remote appearance is a way to keep Driver safe, a court official said, although teleconferencing protocol for hearings at Fernley has become standard amid the pandemic.

Due to COVID protocols, previously those charged with crimes who appeared in court were required to quarantine for two weeks upon their return to Lyon County Jail, which is 50 miles south of Fernley Court.

The court is now relying on Zoom to conduct hearings to cut costs, a court official told the RGJ. Appearing via Zoom saves money on staff transporting defendants to court and on gas.

Booking photo of Troy Edward Driver, 41, of Fallon on March 28, 2022.

What will happen at the hearing?

The actual hearing should last approximately 30 minutes. The high-profile case means more security will be present than on a typical day when cases heard in this courtroom often range from jaywalking to domestic violence.

Irion’s family and Driver’s defense attorney are expected to make statements after the hearing.

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Will there be a deposit or no deposit?

The driver was initially arrested on March 25 on suspicion of first-degree kidnapping linked to the disappearance of Irion, whose body had not yet been found.

Because this charge was not a capital offence, Fernley Justice of the Peace Lori Matheus had no choice but to allow bail under Nevada law, a court official said. court at the RGJ.

While Driver’s attorney argued at the March 30 arraignment that bail should be $250,000, Matheus kept it at $750,000 and ruled that Driver would be fitted with a bail device. electronic monitoring, among other stipulations, if he posted a bond.

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Because Driver was quickly charged with murder, Matheus was able to keep Driver on hold until Friday’s arraignment. The murder charge means Matheus is within the bounds of the law to deny bail. Court insiders expect Driver’s bail to be denied.

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