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by Nathaniel R.

It’s Friday which means “new movies!”. We’ll discuss streaming titles a bit, but first here’s what’s new in theaters today, Friday, October 28, to help you plan your weekend…

ARMAGEDDON TIME -[REVIEWED] James Gray (Ad Astra, the lost city of Z) is back. He’s the latest director to jump on the auto-fiction trend with this story based on his teenage years in the 1980s and the friction in his Jewish family as well as his friendship with a struggling black classmate. Anne Hathaway and Anthony Hopkins are both fantastic as proxies for Gray’s mother and grandfather.

CALL JANE -[REVIEWED] Phyllis Nagy, the screenwriter of Carol, makes her directorial debut with this drama starring Elizabeth Banks as a suburban housewife who joins an underground network to help “girls in trouble.” Sigourney Weaver is wonderful as a lead in a key supporting role.

HOLY SPIDER [REVIEWED] Ali Abbassi (Border) returns with this startling and disturbing procedural (based on a true story) about a journalist (Cannes Best Actress winner Zar Amir-Ebrahimi) who tries to expose a serial killer who goes after female workers in the sex in the holy city of Mashad. No one else seems the least bit concerned about the murders. This is Denmark’s submission for Best International Feature Film.

For an Oscar-obsessed clarification in case you’re wondering: Although Ali Abassi is Iranian, he was submitted by both Sweden (Border) and Denmark (holy spider) during the last years. He was born in Iran but emigrated to Sweden when he was 21, then graduated from film school in Denmark a decade later, where he still lives. His films have therefore always been Swedish-Danish co-productions whether in Swedish (Border) or Persian (holy spider) or are multilingual (Shelly).

HOT BLOOD: ONCE UPON A TIME IN KOREA – A gangster looking to retire is betrayed and caught up in a mob war. Jung Woo (You are the best), Kim Kapsoo (A story of two sisters) and Choi Moo-sung (I saw the devil) star.

PLEASE BABY PLEASE – Haven’t seen this one yet, but it looks like camp thrill and title cards in the trailer are out of this world delicious. A bohemian couple (“the gorgeous Andrea Riseborough” and “the dazzling Harry Melling”) in the 1950s meet a group of leather-clad greasers known as “The Young Gents.” New sexual desires are awakened in this queer musical from director Amanda Kramer. The supporting cast includes “The irresistible Karl Gussman and the legendary Demi Moore.”

PREY FOR THE DEVIL – The only new large-scale release of the weekend (studios keep dropping money!) is yet another exorcism thriller. There is apparently a new one every month and yet they are all doing well. If only audiences would flock to other subgenres as faithfully. Imagine having new dance musicals or new rom-coms about ex-couples every few weeks!

Plus, three key Oscar hopefuls are expanding their number of theaters…

INISHERIN BANSHES [REVIEWED] Martin McDonagh’s incredible new tragicomedy, which sold out last weekend, adds 11 major cities today with wider expansion to follow soon. The next two movies stretch even further than that since they’ve been out longer…

TAR – [REVIEWED] Todd field (In the bedroom) directs Cate Blanchett to one of her grandest performances as a celebrated lesbian songwriter/bandleader with a god complex in this drama that deals with cancel culture. 4 Gotham Award nominations including offers of support for Noemie Merlant and Nina Hoss as Lydia Tár’s assistant/mentee and wife, respectively.

UNTIL – [NOTES FROM THE DIRECTOR] Chinonye Chukwu (Clemency) stars Danielle Deadwyler in this drama about Grandma Till-Mobley, who fought for justice and public awareness after the racist murder of her son Emmett Till in 1955.

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