Newcastle United Blog | Eddie Howe is categorically setting the law for players wishing to join the one-off club Newcastle

One thing Newcastle United and head coach Eddie Howe seem to be well aware of is that players come to Newcastle United simply for the big salaries they can get from what is now (by far) the most rich in world football.

Amanda Staveley has often said that Newcastle will not be like Manchester City and spend money like they grow on trees (they don’t – I watched!).

They spent money like it was dated once they bought City, and they overpaid most of their initial acquisitions as they quickly tried to improve the team.

Either way, we now have Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules in place, which we did not have in the fall of 2008 when Abu Dhabi United Group bought the club from Manchester City.

These FFP rules have recently been relaxed a bit, to allow clubs to recover from what has been a very difficult time financially, due to the Covid19 pandemic, but Newcastle will always follow the rules.

Newcastle fans want to see players like Kieran Trippier come to the club, who are first and foremost engaged and want to come to Newcastle and not because of the money.

Eddie Howe spoke about this today – and the fact that he will take a negative view of any player who asks for a relegation clause in their contract.

On the contrary, Howe wants players to be 100% committed to helping Newcastle move up the rankings in the second half of the season and out of relegation issues as soon as possible.

Here’s what Howe said today at a press conference ahead of tomorrow’s home game against Cambridge United in the FA Cup 3rd round:

“I think offering relegation clauses is a surefire way to potentially bring in players who don’t have the right motivation.”

“We will take each situation individually. I would never clearly state one way or another that we are or that we are not because I don’t think it is right.

“Every individual situation is very different, but I want players who are absolutely committed, who have no way out, who say, ‘I have to make this work.’ I think that’s the only way for us. to be successful anyway.

“I think you get a feel for someone’s motivations and motivation very quickly because I think it’s very important to me.”

“You want players who want to come first for the football and the feeling of playing for Newcastle.”

“For the attraction of the club, for the attraction of supporters, for the attraction of history and the chance to build something special in a very unique football club.”

“These things are so important. If you see a player coming for purely financial gain, it won’t work – the player will not be successful. “

“It’s a big part of what we’re trying to do, but you also need really good players, so it’s a very tricky combination to figure out.”

Eddie Howe seems to have this gift of being a very good communicator.

And all Newcastle fans will love Howe’s comments above.

We don’t want anyone to join us just for the money – we don’t want to be like Manchester City in any way – other than being able to win 5 Premier League titles.


Either way, Howe seems to be getting better and better – but he knows we now have to string together a few wins, helped by new players and sold-out crowds at venerable St. James’ Park.

Fans seem confident about an FA Cup victory tomorrow, but nothing is ever guaranteed in football, as we have already discovered this season.

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