Newlyweds mortified as best man makes cheeky joke about sex life during speech

A couple burst out laughing when their best man gave a speech that sent shock waves through their wedding.

Newlyweds Gary and Kirsty threw a grand reception to celebrate their big day with their friends and families in Perthshire, Scotland.

And during the banquet, the groom called on his brother to give the best man’s speech.

The brother seized his moment in the spotlight – making a very cheeky joke about his brother.

wedding videographer we are a wedding movie captured the hilarious moment on camera, which they described as: “Probably the best punch line from a witness so far”.

Gary’s brother takes the mic and gets up from his seat, sharing an awkward moment that happened on Christmas Day.

Groom Gary was completely stunned when his brother gave the ‘best man’ speech

He explained: “One Christmas morning I woke up in my mum and dad’s house, buzzing I might add.

“I walked down the stairs to open my presents only to be greeted with a slap from my mother.

“‘What did I tell you about bringing a people here?’ I say “What are you talking about, mom? I’m in my bed all night.”

“Obviously she’s not thinking about the golden child next door.

The groomsman mentioned the time he met his brother's then-girlfriend at their parents' house
The groomsman mentioned the time he met his brother’s then-girlfriend at their parents’ house

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“So we’re in the living room opening some presents – me, my mom and my dad – and we hear rustling coming from the little room in the old house as we call it.

“At this point, I’m going up the stairs, opening Gary’s room and lo and behold – Kirsty Currie lying with her legs up at ten to two.

“She certainly never went down the chimney in that position anyway. Merry Christmas Kirsty!

Kirsty was stunned when guests found out what she was doing in her then-boyfriend's bedroom
Kirsty was stunned when guests found out what she was doing in her then-boyfriend’s bedroom

Viewers loved the story and one said, “It’s so much better when the witness tells proper jokes.”

“She’s a good team player, loved the way the bride laughed about it,” another wrote. “Me too but I would have been dying.”

“10 to 2 made me mortified,” added a third.

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