‘Nobody asked you about your libido’ – Conor Benn ridicules Chris Eubank Jr for bringing up love life during face-to-face

CHRIS EUBANK JR oddly brought up his SEX DRIVE during a conversation with his next opponent Conor Benn.

The duo are set to meet inside the ring on October 8 at the O2 Arena in a catchweight bout – 29 years after their fathers legendary second fight.


Chris Eubank Jr says he will abstain from sex for two weeks before facing Conor BennCredit: https://twitter.com/ChrisEubankJr/status/1568890664955281408
Benn was baffled after his next opponent discussed his libido with him


Benn was baffled after his next opponent discussed his libido with himCredit: https://twitter.com/ChrisEubankJr/status/1568890664955281408

As part of DAZN Boxingof the Next Generation fight prep, the two sat down to discuss The Face Off.

Eubank Jr, 32 years old, tweeted a short clip from the special, where he explained how long he will abstain from physical activities.

He said: “Usually I go eight weeks without sex. I abstain for eight weeks.”

To which a bewildered Benn, 25, said, “How did it come to this? What are you talking about?”

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Eubank Jr fired back, “I’m going to abstain for two weeks for you guys.”

Benn replied, “I don’t care. No one asked you about your libido and what drives you mate.”

Reeling off a number of fighters, Eubank Jr continued: “Canelo [Alvarez], [Gennady] Golovkin, they are eight weeks old. [Billy Joe] Saunders gets four weeks. Conor Benn has two.”

Eubank Jr then brought YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul into the conversation, with the Brighton native calling out The Problem Child for a scrap in July.

He remarked, “Jake Paul will be a week old. So you’re not at rock bottom, but you’re close.”

A speechless Benn then said to his rival, “You’re not half-talking bullshit, are you?”

Eubank simply replied, “I’m a bad boy.”

The former world title challenger promised to take Benn “to school” last month as he threatened to “teach” him a lesson.

He said: “I will be his father figure in preparation and in combat.

“I’m going to take him to school, put him through the doors, sit him down and teach him everything he needs to learn.

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“My advice is ‘find sparring partners who are really going to hurt you for the next eight weeks’, that’s his best chance of beating me.

“The pain I’m about to inflict on him must be accompanied by a fight or it will be too much of a shock to his system.”

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