“Our sex life is so boring that I’m starting to resent my wife” – Coleen Nolan



Coleen Nolan helps Daily Mirror reader who says her marriage has hit a middle-aged slump

She still thinks it’s alright but I feel rejected

Dear Coleen

I have been with my wife for 14 years and have been married for almost 10 years. I like her a lot but a few years ago she suddenly said that she didn’t like to do certain things during sex.

From now on, she will only agree to have sex in a missionary position and all oral sex is prohibited.

Recently she has gained weight, but does not even plan to lose it, even though she snores every night!

She still thinks that everything is fine, but I am starting to resent her because I have tried to bring up these issues on several occasions.

I’m only 41, still a good looking guy (or that’s what people say) and I feel rejected all the time.

I am tempted to stop which would kill me because we have a young child whom I adore. We have already consulted, which did not help.


Coleen says …

I think she takes you and the relationship for granted, but it also looks like she’s given up on her own a bit.

I wonder where it came from and if you asked him? Don’t let her fool you – tell her exactly how you feel and that you’re not ready at 41 to give it all up.

Don’t issue ultimatums, but in terms of sex, ask her to tell you what she likes. Every good relationship involves give and take – emotionally, sexually, and practically.

Compromise is the key. Maybe if she knows how close you are to quitting, then she will start listening.

I know it is a difficult decision to leave a relationship when you have a child.

But, if you do it right, putting their well-being first, there’s no reason you can’t find a way to make it work and the two of them continue to be great parents.

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