OutFront Kalamazoo Launches Fundraiser to Support LGBTQ + Programs and Services


KALAMAZOO, MI – OutFront Kalamazoo aims to unite all members of the community to help improve the lives of LGBTQ + youth and adults.

The Kalamazoo-based nonprofit launched its annual fundraiser on Friday, November 19. Funds raised through the fundraiser will help pay for the organization’s LGBTQ + education programs and services in 2022.

The theme “FORWARD, Together” was selected and serves as a rallying cry for all walks of life and businesses to come together to support members of the LGBTQ + community, many of whom still face discrimination in employment, housing. and education, a new liberation from the OutFront states.

“For almost two years, a lot of our lives were on hold,” said OutFront Kalamazoo executive director Amy Hunter. “Now, as the pandemic recedes and everyday life discovers a new version of the normal, OutFront Kalamazoo must find new solutions to the real issues facing LGBTQ + youth and adults in our region.

“We need to do more than maintain the status quo. We need to engage the community in advocacy. We need to innovate and expand our reach. We must keep moving forward. “

As the youth and seniors of the LGBTQ + community struggle with social isolation and transgender people face harassment and violence, the demand for supportive services and resources is greater today than it is. any other time in OutFront’s 35-year history Kalamazoo, said Grace Gheen, OutFront communications director.

Problems of recent years have included the increase in the number of homeless LGBTQ + youth, often turned away by their families because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Once out of their homes, LGBTQ + youth are at even greater risk of violence, trafficking, mental health issues, and emotional or physical abuse, Gheen said. OutFront intends to expand its efforts in this area over the coming year.

“Progress is made when we continue to work to educate, advocate, celebrate, serve,” Hunter said. “Every donation makes a difference and helps advance advocacy, programming, support services and housing for the LGBTQ + community. Together we can build a community that works for everyone.

The fundraising campaign runs until December 31st. Contributions can be made online at outfrontkzoo.org/forward. For more information, visit www.outfrontkzoo.org/ or call 269-349-4234.

OutFront Kalamazoo’s mission is to create a just, inclusive, equitable and supportive environment in Southwest Michigan for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions.

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