PC Craig Beazley abused his position for sexual purposes


A FORMER West Yorkshire police officer would have been fired without notice had he not already resigned for abusing his position to engage in a sexual relationship with a vulnerable woman.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) investigated after concerns were raised about the actions of PC Craig Beazley before joining the force in 2017.

PC Beazley has admitted to having a sexual relationship with the woman, whom he met in the line of duty while serving with Greater Manchester Police.

An IOPC spokesperson said: “We have received a conduct recommendation from West Yorkshire Police, the force where he was employed at the time the allegation came to light in April 2021. He has been placed in forcibly restricted duties before his resignation was tendered.

“Investigators have obtained statements from PC Beazley and the woman, whom he came into contact with when she said she was the victim of a crime. We also analyzed cell phone records and interviewed PC Beazley on bail criminal.

“We found evidence that he abused his position as a police officer to form an inappropriate relationship with a woman he knew was vulnerable and went to great lengths to keep their relationship a secret.”

IOPC Fund Regional Director Thea Walton said: “The police are there to help the people they serve, not to exploit them. Abuse of position for sexual purposes is serious corruption and has absolutely no place in the police.

“PC Beazley knew what he was doing was wrong and tried to hide it. He took advantage of a woman he knew was vulnerable and in doing so damaged his trust in the police. Due to his reckless and selfish behavior, he is now banned from working in the police.

“No one should ever feel uncomfortable and unable to challenge someone’s behavior simply because of their job. I encourage anyone in a similar situation to speak to someone – you will be listened to and your experiences will be taken seriously.

The IOPC Fund said that at the end of its investigation in October 2021, it determined that PC Beazley had a gross misconduct case to answer.

He also referred the case to the Crown Prosecution Service, which decided not to allow the charges.

At a misconduct hearing held by West Yorkshire Police, which ended yesterday, the panel found PC Beazley breached professional standards of behavior in matters of authority, respect and courtesy; honesty and integrity; duties and responsibilities; and dishonorable conduct.

He would have been fired without notice had he not already resigned and been banned from working in the police in the future.

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