Petition Campaign Aims to Kill the Nebraska Board of Education and Give the Governor Oversight of Kindergarten to Grade 12 | Regional government

Despite criticism of health education standards, the board has held numerous meetings in which the public has been able to intervene, he said.

People should ask themselves if similar opportunities to contribute would be offered under the proposed structure, he said.

“We have a somewhat less centralized mechanism for making these decisions with the state board of education,” he said.

Jenni Benson, president of the state teachers’ union, said the proposal “would put total power in the hands of the governor.”

The current system allows “citizens rather than politicians to choose who sets education policy,” she said.

It is a voter right that should not be taken away, she said.

In 2018, Senator John Murante, who represented Gretna and western Sarpy County, introduced a constitutional amendment proposal to eliminate the board of directors and place the department under the governor’s care. He didn’t move forward.

Across the country, states typically use a variation of three methods to select their education commissioner, according to the State Education Commission.

In 16 states, the governor appoints and usually either the legislature or the council of state confirms. Sometimes the state council recommends someone to the governor.

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