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I had the pleasure of going to President Trump’s rally in Robstown, Texas this past weekend. It was a long day but one that I will not soon forget.

Thousands of Texans came out to greet our president and it’s hard to put into words all the emotions of that day.

The ground opened at 2 p.m. and thousands of people lined up. Secret services and elite security forces were there to register people. The speakers started around 4pm and they had a giant screen and tons of music.

We heard from a series of elected officials, including our own congressman, Michael Cloud, who gave an excellent speech with biblical references that stirred the crowd. Adam Hinojosa was the local favorite. He is a candidate for state senator in the border area. Many Hispanic candidates attended or sent great video greetings. Most of these contestants were beautiful women with big messages. The Latino voter should be proud.

Mikaela Longoria from Victoria, daughter of Mark and Shannon Longoria, sang the national anthem and it was magnificent!

Dan Patrick always turns the crowd, Ken Paxton and many others. The former head of homeland security at the border was powerful. He was furious and told us why. When Trump was there the border had the best stats to keep illegals out and now it has turned into chaos and a hotbed of crime. They talked about the statistics of raped children and women, murders, fentanyl and crime. Their words were that the cartel controls the border. What a proud American moment this is, folks.

Around 6:30-6:45 p.m., we all got up as President Trump’s plane flew overhead! It was one of those “Hallmark” moments for me when I realized that the man who had given so much for his country was soon to arrive.

The crowd was made up of all factions of society. We had old people, families, young people, of all races and so many others dressed in red, white and blue. Hat vendors had a great day!

We had expedited seats and the list of prohibited Secret Service items was hilarious. My favorite was number 3, “Appliances, ie. toaster. Isn’t a toaster the first thing you pack for an outdoor event?

When President Trump arrived, it was almost surreal to see the man who was cheated out of his rightful place as President. It was sad in many ways when we saw this vital, energetic and brilliant businessman as we are daily bombarded with the mumblings and shufflings of our current President.

On the world stage, I remember President Trump crossing the line in North Korea to meet their dictator, we saw him take on the Chinese and now we see Biden shaking hands in the air, calling out the fallen members of Congress, telling us there’s no inflation, reading the teleprompter and even repeating the instructions on the teleprompter, giving us those blank stares of a man clearly in the “na na” country and leading us from one disaster to another.

President Trump has talked about what needs to be done. What he accomplished with common sense. One of my favorite stories was this. He said that Uruguay, Paraguay and Nicaragua would not accept illegals in their countries.

I didn’t realize that these countries literally wouldn’t let our planes land with the criminals our border patrol caught. Each of those countries gets $750 million a year from the United States, so Trump called the presidents of all three countries and told them that if they didn’t work with the United States and catch those criminals, the money would totally stop.

Within 10 minutes they all called back, picked up their stowaways and the problem was solved.

That, my friends, is a leader, not a follower.

How many lives have been saved by turning away sex traffickers, terrorists and cartel members? Now we have an administration that allows 4 million illegals into our country, overwhelms our border patrol, sits still while children and women are sex trafficked, allows fentanyl to flow, and you have to wonder why?

All Biden had to do was continue his predecessor’s policies and achieve stunning results. Instead, our country has virtually no southern border and it watches the chaos of homelessness, lawlessness, murder and drugs spread.

The Democrat’s mantra is January 6.

President Trump has been placed by God in a position to defeat the queen of bad politics, Hillary Clinton.

I don’t know what will happen in 2024, but President Trump is a man on a mission and if he showed up today I think he would win again. He’s smart, a businessman, a hard worker, sane, and not a world government guy.

People love it and for good reason. He takes a lot of hits and comes back for more. He talked about the millions of documents the Democrats read and they got nothing!

November 8 is a midterm election, but it’s so important that we send a strong message to Washington.

The message is that we had a president that we loved because he cared about all of us. We are tired of a career politician who is a puppet for the leaders of a world government. We are tired of our parents being called terrorists and this administration imposing its unhealthy gender-bending agenda on our children and grandchildren. We want God back in the schools.

Whether at the polls or through other means, we will not bend our knees to an unholy social experiment perpetrated by sick politicians who want to rule the world.

God gave us a great defender, President Trump. We have seen what a great leader can and will do if he loves his people.

On November 8, get rid of the puppets, cut the strings of those who want to destroy us. Elect good men and women who believe in God, our country and our Constitution.

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