President’s Blog – Inclusive environments unlock creative potential


Written by President Don Tuski

The College for Creative Studies prides itself on its rich and diverse community. We strive to ensure that our campus is a safe place for all members of the community. Address areas such as age, race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, physical attributes , marital or family status, disability or any other legally protected characteristic can be an uncomfortable process. Through research, exploration and advocacy, we must be prepared to overcome this discomfort to fight for positive change within our community and unite with others.

Stimulated by students, faculty and staff, CCS has worked to develop an open and inclusive environment that is free from harassment and discriminatory practices and built on a foundation of respect, empathy and knowledge. Our commitment extends to several areas including our gender-neutral and accessible toilets, CCS reflection room, Chosen Name and Legal Name Policy, Advice on religious and cultural observances, DEI Lecture and Professional Development Series, DEI Blog Seriesand Inclusive Excellence Resource Guides that advance our commitment to creating a more inclusive university community. We continue to grow and celebrate unique shared perspectives and passions while engaging with Student organizations, CCS MI-ACE Women’s Network, DEI Advisory Board, Graduate CommunityCCS departments, community and industry partnersand more.

Many members of our community have expressed concern about the growing number of legislative proposals across the country that seek to remove issue discussion that affect marginalized communities or restrict their rightsincluding the Stop the wake up act and don’t say gay. I share these concerns and believe that these types of measures negatively suppress the academic environment, which should be open to the free expression and discussion of ideas.

To all members of the CCS community, if you need assistance, please contact the Wellness Center or the Office of Institutional Equity and Inclusion (OIEI) is ready to help any member of our campus community.

The CCS and many other institutions can do much more to create truly inclusive and welcoming environments. As a society, we cannot afford to diminish anyone’s contributions. Our diversity and uniqueness as individuals fuels creativity and innovation. I am committed to ensuring that our campus community fosters a truly inclusive and welcoming creative environment.

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