Preston Schools and Colleges Named on Rape Culture Website


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A number of schools and colleges in Preston have been named on a website that shares stories of rape culture survivors.


Everyone is invited states that its mission is “to expose and eradicate the culture of rape with empathy, compassion and understanding.”

The website says, “Everyone’s Invited is a safe place for survivors to share their stories completely anonymously. Sharing their story with Everyone’s Invited gives many survivors a sense of relief, catharsis, empowerment, and gives them a sense of community and hope.

Testimonies from survivors include details of misogyny, rape jokes, sexual harassment, online sexual abuse (upskirting, non-consensual sharing of intimate photos, cyberflash) and sexual coercion.

Everyone is invited says that when rape culture behaviors such as these are normalized, it can “act as a gateway to more extreme acts such as sexual assault and rape.”

The schools and colleges in Preston named in the testimonials are listed below. The full list can be found on the Everyone’s invited website.

  • Broughton High School
  • Notre-Dame Catholic High School
  • Preston College
  • Sainte-Marie-Madeleine Catholic Primary School
  • Archbishop’s Temple School
  • Cardinal Newman College
  • Fulwood High School
  • Kirkham Grammar
  • Longridge High School
  • Moor Nook Community Primary School
  • Sherwood Elementary School
  • Lycée Tulketh (now closed)

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Preston Blog approached all schools and colleges for comment and received a response from Fulwood Academy, formerly Fulwood High School.

A spokesperson for the school said: “In recent months there has been a lot of welcome attention across the country on the attitudes and cultures that exist within our society, especially towards women. .

“While no school in the country can, or should, say that it does not face issues of equality and respect, the number of reported incidents of such behavior in our school is very low. In fact, the testimonial related to our school on the Everyone Invited website referred to Fulwood High School, meaning it is at least 10 years old.

“That being said, while there is no evidence of broader cultural issues within our school, the impact of any incident is deeply important to those involved. That is why we do not back down from our perspective. role of helping to shape communities where everyone feels safe and where positive and healthy relationships flourish.

“We welcome Ofsted’s recent national study of gender attitudes and behaviors in schools, and are encouraged that many of their recommendations are things we are already doing as ‘school. We will continue to focus on educating our students to be well-rounded individuals through our curriculum and extensive pastoral support. “

Meanwhile, Lancashire County Council has said it is keen for anyone affected to come forward to report their concerns.

Education and Skills Cabinet Advisor Jayne Rear said: “Any form of harassment or sexual abuse is totally unacceptable.

“Schools should be safe places for students where inappropriate and harmful behavior will not be tolerated.

“We know that in Lancashire our schools are working hard to tackle all types of inappropriate behavior, however this is a national issue impacting many schools across the country and we cannot do proof of complacency.

“Ofsted, in its report last week on sexual abuse, recommended that even when principals do not have specific information indicating that sexual harassment and sexual abuse online is a problem for them, children and their youth, they must act on the premise that they are.

“We also encourage anyone affected by this to come forward and report any concerns they may have.”

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