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The British monarchy is going through many changes. Since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the House of Windsor has opened a new chapter, one that includes the late monarch’s son, King Charles III, taking on new duties and ascending the throne. Among the business King Charles will have to deal with, Prince Harry’s future involvement with the Royal Family has been questioned – and now it has risen to the top of the British Parliament.

During a recent session, the upper house of the British Parliament discussed Prince Harry’s role as an adviser of state to King Charles III. The role, which falls to the monarch’s wife and the first four people in line to the throne over 21, means Harry could serve in his father’s place during official royal duties if invited. But with Harry’s thriving life in California with his wife Meghan Markle and their two children, some members of parliament are wondering if King Charles should reassess who is a councilor of state.

During Monday’s session, Viscount Stansgate, a member of the House of Lords, asked if the government was ‘happy to continue with a situation where the advice of state and regency powers can be exercised’ no only by Prince Harry, but also by his uncle Prince Andrew. The Duke of York no longer performs public royal duties following his sexual abuse settlement and association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Viscount Stansgate questioned whether a ‘reasonable amendment could be made’ to the Regency Act, which explains the role of the Councilor of State.

In response, Lord True, the Lord Privy Seal, noted that “in the past we have seen that the point of accession has proved a useful opportunity to review the arrangements in place”. This could mean that it’s very likely that Harry’s role as Councilor of State will be one of the many issues King Charles will have to deal with at the start of his reign. We have always known that King Charles wanted to maintain a lean monarchy during his reign. With Harry and Meghan building their lives in California, this could be one way to do just that.

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