Province in Canada rated its sex life more positively than others and is happier too


When it comes to the sex or romance lives of Canadians, it seems that one province is leading the way in ratings.

According to a survey published by Ipsos on Thursday, December 30, looking back to 2021, 68% of Quebecers rate their sexual or romantic life as positive.

In comparison, 61% of people in Saskatchewan and Manitoba give this category a positive rating, followed by 57% for those in British Columbia, 57% for those in Atlantic Canada and 56% for Ontarians.

Only 43% of Albertans rate their sex or romantic life as positive.

“Older Canadians are less positive about their sex or romantic lives than younger Canadians, although they are more positive about their personal happiness than younger Canadians, especially those aged 18-34,” indicates the press release.

In addition to Quebecers satisfied with sex and romance, 83% rate their personal happiness positively compared to 78% for those in British Columbia, 77% for Saskatchewan and Manitoba, 74% for Ontarians, 71% for Albertans and 70% for people in Atlantic Canada.

When it comes to money, fewer Canadians feel they are financially secure compared to the same time last year, which may be due to the increased cost of daily necessities across the country in recent months. .

The cost of food is what 48% of Canadians consider the biggest barrier to financial security, with the cost of housing coming in second.

Almost half of Canadians say they have cut spending in the past 12 months, with those 55 and over more likely to have cut spending than younger people.

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