Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Company Better U Creates Military Liaison Officer Position to Help Expand Access to Veterans


LOS ANGELES, November 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In honor of Veterans Day, You’d do bettera leading company in the field of psychedelic therapies, recognized for its unique model of integrative care, is proud to announce that Tyler Harean Air Force veteran, as a military liaison to help increase access and awareness for veterans.

“Working with the military community is unique because there is less stigma around mental health,” said Tyler Hare, Better U Military Liaison. “We have no problem talking about our mental health issues and needs. Our blasé humor encourages sharing and our common bonds keep us bonded for life, checking in on each other even after long periods of separation. We all know dozens of people in need of mental health services, which is why I’m thrilled to take on this role at Better U and start helping change that. the veteran community are PTSD, sexual trauma, depression, and anxiety, all of which could be improved by recent emerging psychiatric modalities that people simply don’t know about or don’t yet have access to. some veterans, psychedelic-assisted therapy, like ketamine, could change the course of their lives.

“When we launched Better U, it was part of our mission to increase access to care for underserved demographics,” said dr. Sam Zand, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Better U. “It is an honor to have Tyler join us at Better U to help guide the best way to augment veteran care. With his extensive military background and experience in first hand in mental health settings, we are confident that his expertise and guidance will help us find new ways to serve this deserving group.In addition to ketamine therapy, Better U offers an expansive range of services, including nutrition coaching, integration coaching, meditation and breathwork classes and we will continue to adapt our model of care to offer the best emerging modalities for patients with treatment-resistant depression, anxiety and PTSD. “Having grown up with a veteran in my family and seeing how much war had changed him, I always wished I could do more to help. We are so grateful to have Tyler on our team, his passion for helping others find healing is inspiring. Now we can better serve our veterans by creating more personalized and veteran-specific group protocols and integrations,” said Derek DuChesneco-founder and managing director.

It is estimated that nearly 2 veterans per hour die from deaths by suicide or self-harm. Veterans are also recorded to have higher rates of PTSD, anxiety, depression, head trauma, substance abuse and other mental health issues. Currently, suicide rates among veterans are at an all-time high, with more soldiers dying by suicide than in battle. Less than half of our veterans with mental illness seek help, and one in five abuses alcohol or drugs. This leaves millions of people and their family members in need of better access to mental health support, care and resources.

Tyler Hare is the military liaison for the Better U Care concierge team and a military veteran. Tyler believes that mental and physical health is the foundation of well-being and is within everyone’s reach. With a career as a leader and coach of tactical teams, Tyler enjoys helping others realize their potential. He brings with him the mindset learned in uncomfortable and highly stressful environments, helping those around him overcome their fears in crisis situations, and now mentors harmonizing these experiences into daily practices of gratitude, self-realization and integration.

About Better U

By addressing the root causes of depression and anxiety, Better U is leading the way to transforming mental well-being and reforming psychiatry from the model of diagnosis and treatment of illnesses to self- exploration, neurological reset and spiritual health model. Better U uses the power of psychedelic-assisted therapies to accelerate personal growth by improving brain function, facilitating transformative experiences, and providing guidance to build healthier habits. Developed by dr. Sam Zand of Johns Hopkins University, their psychedelic therapy program combines oral ketamine treatments and a compassionate support network to catalyze lasting change. At-home ketamine therapy and in-office services (in some states) are available in California, Nevada, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Utah, Idaho and will be available in Wisconsin, Tennesseeand Connecticut by 2023.

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