Rabine: Teaching Grade 3 Students “Scandalous” Masturbation



Hope for GOP Governor Gary Rabine:

Gary Rabine: Shame on Governor Pritzker for signing outrageous sex education bill

Woodstock, IL – Candidate for governor Gary Rabine says that Gov. JB Pritzker chose to sign the controversial sex education bill late on a Friday shows that even though he knows just how legislation is insidious to the children of this state.

Gary Rabin

“As Illinois residents across the state prepared for Family Day this weekend at the State Fair, our governor signed legislation to effectively declare war on families across the state. Illinois, ”Rabine said.

“There is no justifiable reason to sexualize kindergarten children. Signing this law is more than irresponsible. Our children need to be protected and understand that their privacy is essential. Governor Pritzker should be ashamed of himself.

The new one (SB 818) would require schools to adopt national standards for sexuality education from kindergarten onwards.

As part of the latest iteration of the standards, students from grade 6 onwards will learn to define the meaning of oral and anal sex, and grade three students will learn concepts such as masturbation.

The bill passed without a single Republican vote.

“No wonder this atrocious bill was dropped late on a Friday afternoon,” Rabine said.

“It is not the government’s job to raise our children. It is not the government’s job to teach third-graders about masturbation.

“It is a sad day for our state.”

Rabine noted that there is an opt-out clause in the legislation which states:

No student will be required to take or participate in a comprehensive personal health and safety and sexual health education course or course. A student’s parent or guardian may withdraw the student from a comprehensive personal health and safety and sexual health education by submitting the request in writing. Refusal to take or participate in such a course or program cannot be a ground for disciplinary action, academic sanction, suspension or expulsion or any other sanction of a student.. “

“We need new leadership in Illinois, but until we have an election and we elect irresponsible leaders like JB Pritzker, parents need to step up and take control of their children’s education. “said Rabine. “I urge all parents in Illinois to exercise this opt-out while it is still an option. My concern is that this bill is the Trojan horse that ultimately has no opt-out, and our parents are losing more freedoms over their children. “

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