Rebekah Vardy’s love life – three marriages, sex confessions and how she met Jamie

Wagatha Christie’s legal proceedings between Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney are ongoing, as the two footballers’ wives clash in a high-profile defamation case.

The wives of two murderous former England strikers, Wayne Rooney and Jamie Vardy, are locked in a battle through the legal system after deciding not to reach an out-of-court settlement to end the saga.

Rebekah Vardy has been accused by Coleen of leaking stories from her personal Instagram to The Sun, which she denies and is now suing for defamation.

But who is Rebekah Vardy, who has she been married to in the past, and how did she meet Jamie from Leicester?

Rebekah Vardy’s Past Marriages

Rebekah Vardy arriving at the Royal Courts of Justice on May 10, 2022

English model Rebekah Vardy, 40, is from Norwich and, before her marriage to Jamie Vardy, had been married twice.

Her first marriage was in 2001, marrying Mark Godden, an electrician she met in an Oxfordshire pub.

He played with the darts team there and she worked as a bartender. The two married on a beach in Mexico, but the marriage didn’t last more than six months, ending in divorce in 2003.

Speaking to the Daily Mail at the time, Rebekah said: “I just wanted someone to look after me. I knew it wasn’t love.”

Rebekah has been open about having an affair with singer Peter Andre. In a 2004 newspaper interview, she said: “I told my husband I was going to work in London. (André) showed me upstairs.

Coleen Rooney, pictured, claims Rebekah Vardy's account leaked private information
Coleen Rooney, pictured, claims Rebekah Vardy’s account leaked private information about her family to The Sun

“I told him I was married. I wanted to be honest and I knew my marriage was coming to an end.”

In 2005, Rebekah remarried, this time to Steve Clarke, the couple living together in Cyprus, where she had her first baby, daughter Megan.

Rebekah once described her time with the timeshare boss as the “biggest mistake of my life”.

Rebekah Vardy’s Chipolata Sexual Confession

Peter Andre was the victim of the cruel remarks of Rebekah Vardy
Peter Andre was the victim of the cruel remarks of Rebekah Vardy

Over the years, Becky has made some pretty outrageous sexual confessions. One of the most famous came from meeting Peter Andre.

In that same 2004 newspaper interview, she confessed, “He stripped me naked and took off his top. I thought he was going to be a fantastic lover. Then he took off his pants! It wasn’t worth the price of the train.

“Peter was tiny. The smallest pants outfit I’ve ever seen. It was like a miniature chipolata.”

She also claimed that he “had absolutely no hair on his body” and kissed her “like one of his boxer dogs.”

Peter didn’t respond to the cruel words at the time, but Rebekah has since attempted to apologize for them.

Ahead of the High Court case, she messaged Peter apologizing but he did not respond according to a source for sunday sun.

They said: “Rebekah felt really bad that Peter was dragged into a procedure and her old interview about him has come up again.

“She was in a totally different place in her life then and never imagined her words would come back to haunt them both. She wishes him all the best now.

“She messaged him on Instagram apologizing for the public mess but sadly it fell on deaf ears. He hasn’t responded.”

Peter has since slammed the claims, comparing his member to an “oak tree”.

She has also discussed intimate details of her sex life with Jamie in the past, including when in 2018 England manager Gareth Southgate allegedly imposed a sex ban on his players.

Rebekah said OK! magazine at the time: “Gareth Southgate has been amazing in providing lots of contact to families and players.

“There’s no sex ban, but I think we’d have a hard time doing it anyway with the kids around – it wouldn’t work logistically!”

She also discussed Jamie’s relationship with her boobs following a job she had done, saying, “Jamie loves my boobs, he’s happy that I’m happy, but he thought they were nice before.”

How did Rebekah and Jamie Vardy meet?

Rebekah and Jamie Vary met in 2014
Rebekah and Jamie met in 2014

After Rebekah divorced Steve Clarke in 2006, she moved back to the UK, but it wasn’t until 10 tears later that she ended up marrying Jamie.

They met in 2014, when she was working as a nightclub promoter at the time.

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