REPORT: Chris Cuomo has applied for a volunteer firefighting position in the Hamptons

Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo reportedly applied for a volunteer firefighting position with the East Hampton Fire Department in early 2022.

Cuomo’s candidacy was withdrawn after he met with the chiefs soon after, two sources familiar with the matter told The Daily Beast in an article published Monday evening. The “free agent”, who lives in Southampton, would have hesitated over the time he would have to devote to the volunteer position, the outlet continued.

“It’s something that takes a long time. There are monthly meetings and drills and you have to meet a percentage of your calls,” East Hampton Fire Chief Duane Forrester told The Daily Beast. “That’s why we don’t have a lot of celebrities.”

The all-volunteer department serves approximately 8,000 to 10,000 residents of Suffolk County, New York, according to the official website. There are 150 fighters and the department has been in place for more than 120 years, the site notes.

Cuomo was galloping around Ukraine recently, telling the world they need to pay attention to what is happening in the country. (RELATED: CNN’s new exec admits he thinks of himself as a ‘roadside bomb’ when employees get it wrong)

The world almost forgot about Cuomo due to a seven-month social media hiatus shortly after he nearly took down CNN with a $125 million lawsuit against the network. Around the same time, he helped end his brother’s political career and was accused of sexual assault at a former network, which led to his dismissal from the network.

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